Glenn Greenwald on why the left-wing media has turned on Biden | Off Script

Twenty years of lies from the military establishment cannot be forgotten. Journalist Glenn Greenwald asks why no one has taken accountability for the Afghanistan debacle and argues for a new system of transparency. Greenwald joins Steven Edginton for this week’s Off Script podcast to discuss Joe Biden’s chaotic Presidency and why America was right to end its nation-building campaign.

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  1. Since they knew all these facts.
    1. Remove US/European citizens
    2. Remove foreign Civilian Support Personal.
    3. Remove Afghan civilians that support the US war efforts
    4. Remove money, weapons
    5. Pull by all foreign from from all areas but the US military airport
    6. Slowly start pulling out foreign forces.
    7. Evaluate whether a small foreign force needs to stay in Afghanistan

    This is my uneducated To Do List. Make me a General now. Mine would have been better than theirs.
    4. Pull military from all areas but U

  2. Glenn Greenwald is definitely pro Biden as his blinders are on for any criticism of Biden, for which there is much to criticize. As well, his take on the election is jaded. Biden is a weak leader and needs the support of NATO and the UN, while President Trump is a leader who identifies areas of weakness and aims at them directly to improve it.

  3. President Trump was not a weak President. He was constantly under attack from the Democrats and in the criticism from press and the liberals he brought America back into strength and greatness it hadn't seen since Ronald Reagan.

  4. I'm well supplied, well armed, I live in alaska and need to give my chickens eggs away, because they lay more than I can eat, I am unafraid of this dementia patient, and his lazy incompetent puppet masters!

  5. Glenn rightly says "Every president since Bush; Obama, Trump & Biden campaigned on withdrawing from Afghanistan" Trump even signed a "capitulation agreement" (as termed by Trump's own "Generals") promising the Taliban we'd be out by May in return for a full cease-fire till that deadline.

    Biden artfully extended the cease-fire/pull out date to August (which the Taliban were opposed to but agreed to while stressing it as FINAL, not even one day after Aug would be tolerated),


    This withdrawal was a done deal set in stone for May BEFORE Biden was even elected- extended to August, yes but any presence of non Afghan troops AFTER AUG would have been plunged into a full blown hot war, full stop.

    Biden didn't have a choice, due to Trump's "capitulation agreement" if we weren't out by Aug it would have been a blood bath free for all for any US & UK troops still there. Hello?!?!

  6. They said Obama was really arrogant, incompetent . No Americans wanted Mr. Haliburton 's war. We ruined every place we went. Set their societies back. We believe our own hype. We're no big deal, except we are extremely corrupt ?

  7. I like Greenwald, but I think he has this one wrong. Everyone wanted out of Afganistan, the big money was already shifting to covid, and climate change. China is the new bogey man, terrorism is last seasons fashion with these people. Biden was doing exactly what the money wanted, including the military industrial con. Biden simply screwed up the details.

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