Glenn Greenwald on Why We No Longer Trust the Media

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Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@francisjfoster) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.

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  1. not only media. I do not know much about Putin so I have rather neutral opinion (waiting a year or two for the dust in Ukraine to settle to see if he was really as Hitler as they say). I consider my government as hostile force now (I live in Germany). This comes from educational institutions, through censorship and propaganda (the gov is actively taking part in the media market) to energy and health policies which really damage citizens like me. These are 5 crucial areas but there are also others. The list is long. In US you have foxnews. Biased but the other way than the liberals. In Germany there are some small blogs and that is it. There is thus unified front not only in the media but also induced by media in the citizenry. This is also why huge chunk of the society thinks that in the name of doing good we have to strip a sizable minority of their rights and put them in camps if need be.

  2. Main stream media allowed Covid to kill them off. They reported only 'safe and effective' and consigned themselves to irrelevance in the face of all the facts found elsewhere.

  3. Why don't we trust the media? Because we don't need to. We have access to our very own echo chamber that spews forth only the news we feel like hearing.

  4. Just like the advert at the start of your slot, promoting black immigrants as a normal or equal ownership of our country, when they've only really been here for a few decades!

  5. And yet when MSM confirms their own bias people like Kisin swallow the propaganda and regurgitate it. People don't really care about fake news, just fake news that hurts them.

  6. I'm puzzled by Konstantin's logic and reasoning. On the one hand, in this video he's nodding along with Glenn Greenwald who is eviscerating the US in terms of its values, naming war after war, lie after murderous lie that the US has perpetrated on its citizens and on the world. But on the subject of Russia/Ukraine, Konstantin has been doing the rounds on TV and other media, denouncing Putin as evil and singing the praises of "Western values"!?? The reality is that no matter how many Ukrainians Putin tries to kill, (assuming he does want to kill as many Ukrainians as he can, which I seriously doubt), he hasn't got a hope of coming close, even holding a candle to the number of dead the US is directly responsible for in wars just in the past 2 decades. Putin is a puppy dog compared to the US. I just can't help thinking that Konstantin has a dog in the fight, an emotional attachment that prevents him from seeing things in terms of actual reality, when it comes to Russia/Ukraine – as horrible as the war is.

  7. If Trump got one thing correct it was his statement about the fake news media. Now watch the same people that supported him follow the same fake news with their propaganda on Ukraine. Critical thought has gone out the window.

  8. The propaganda on Fox is becoming comical. I watched a guy "on the ground" smirk when he said "the constant sound of artillery in the background", as if it's an added sound effect.

  9. Interesting perspective. My friends who digest CNN, who are in their 50s, and their kids who digest Reddit, in their 20s, all think that there is a huge neo-Nazi population of pick-up truck driving gun-toting white supremacists. They automatically assume that any non-white person is amazing (often in very patronizing ways) and trustworthy, and any white person who is not obviously signaling LGBTQ or hipster-ism is a racist Trump supporter. I am not exaggerating.

  10. When I was ten years old, I saw a film called Ace In The Hole. Ever since that day I've been distrustful of the mainstream news media. It should be required viewing in schools, along with Citizen Kane.

  11. Tony Blair put one of his donors as head of BBC (Greg Dyke) and he in turned filled it with left wingers, John Humphreys said they recruited exclusively in their own likeness and he was the sole person he knew that was not a left winger in an organisation that employed over 22,000 people , he never met a person who was in the centre or to the right of centre……total left wing organisation

  12. Great claims require great evidence, why are half the Democrats not in jail for treason? They literally accused a democratically elected president of treason with an enemy state only so that they could depose of him, thereby committing the actual treason.

  13. Those who populate the corporate media platforms lack insight, they are so invested in their own egotism and solipsistic world view they have lost the original spark of journalism, they have become paternalistic and mendacious, people are disgusted with them.

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