Glenn Greenwald RESIGNS From The Intercept Over CENSORSHIP!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. This is one of your best Jimmy. Loose, great issue but comedy centric. Even aaron was hilarious Mate is clearly the best journalist I have ever known. If I was President he'd be Chief of Staff.

  2. Unfortunately Naomi Klein also smeared Julian Assange and blamed him for Hillary's loss. She's doing exactly the same thing to Greenwald. I used to have huge respect for her at one time.

  3. Wow! Leo Buscaglia! I had the impression Jimmy had read some stuff, but there you go! I wish Glenn the best, and good on you and Aaron Mate for the on target commentary. And knife twisting quips from Stef complimented things nicely. Don't piss of the teacher. Everybody knows that. Well, maybe not everybody.?

  4. Billionaires are all psychopaths and sociopaths. Or, they would have given and spread their wealth around way before even becoming a billionaire. Becoming a billionaire is built on the backs of usually thousands of lowly workers. I have watched lawncare companies exploit mostly Mexicans (because they work harder) but also others to expand their business and getting rich while their employees just barely get by. It's the same with billionaires, just on a huge scale. A purely top-down system (Capitalism) is just feudalism.

  5. I always hear about Jimmy's garage. I wish he would turn the cameras around and give us a tour. I would find it interesting and fun. Tell us how he set up the blue curtain and the almost holographic old school Jimmy Dore show sign.

  6. 99% of Russiagate is hype and lies. BUT, Eric Trump DID SLIP on the golf course and say they get most of their loans from Russian banks because nobody else will loan them money. Russia didn't influence the election, but they may have other influence.

  7. Laura Poitras is still listed on First Look Media's webpage under "Leadership". When Aaron Mate said he thought she had left the organization I checked it out. She was never with "The Intercept" division of First Look but she did leave her position at First Look's "Field of Vision", a division to support independent documentary filmmakers in order to return to make her own documentary. Greenwald is not listed as "Leadership" on First Look's webpage.

  8. Mmm.. mmm.. Aaron… Biden has explicitly stated that Russian, and 'others' – assuming Iran – will pay heavy price for interfering in US elections.. Could be political rhetoric; but we'll see..

  9. I just had to resubscribe to your channel today. I was sure i had already subbed and now you're telling me people get unsubbed from you channel too? Buncha assholes… Rising has kind of been going off the deep end imo. I had to unsub, they were starting to sound like mainstream media clones imo

  10. Would it have made sense for the CIA to ditch a successful propaganda operation called "Operation Mockingbird" in which they had at least a thousand journalist on their pay role?

    So they kept it going…

  11. For two weeks, All the main media platforms have kept vital information from millions of people, many of them will have voted without having this information. Let’s face it, they have probably caused many voters to vote for Biden who would not have done so if they had understood the credibility of the Hunter Biden Laptop and other witness testimonials. They are guilty of gross election interference. It’s absolutely outrageous and some thing must be done to stope media platforms from continually censoring material that doesn’t fit their political agenda.