Glenn Greenwald: Sorting fact from fiction on Obamagate, Flynn investigations

Co-Founding Editor of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald, reveals the broad corruption in the Russiagate investigations.

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  1. wonder why they didn't discuss the crime of releasing the unmasked name. very good chance that flynn's name should not have been unmasked (an extreme tightening of the whole fisa approval process is necessary) but regardless his name should never have gotten to the media. that was a major crime

  2. How about Flynn's involvement with Turkey? Was the FBI investigating that?

    Why did Flynn feel he needed to lie to both the FBI and Pence?

  3. Not a exactly sure what Krystal and Saagar's politics are, though I think they are liberals. That being said, as a conservative, I appreciate thoughtful honest discussion that can be critical of either party or ideology. Lay out truthful facts and analyze them through our different perspectives. I'm happy to be more critical of President Trump when coverage becomes fair, smart, honest, and thorough; as is done by these two journalists. Until then, I will vigorously defend him, including his mistakes against a terrorist mob of propagandist media who batters him at every possibility. There is no way I'd ever pile on to my President while the bias is so extreme, when we return to balance like this show, I will return as well. Until then…we will battle and support our President. I look forward to having honest discussions with you all in the future and find common ground in truth and goodness.

  4. Obama always illegally used government agencies to target those who disagreed with him. Dinesh Dsouza went to jail for an illegal campaign contribution.

  5. Anyone interested in the transition from 0bama to MAGA from a foreign policy/immigration perspective knows the turd sandwich the race baiting, America hating Zer-O administration was trying to hand to Trump in transition. Iran Deal, Bergdahl, giving in with Syria and Russia w/ref to Crimea then Ukraine, China, the US abstaining from the January vote at the UN as regards Israel…. etc. The Zer-0 administration was not interested in peaceful transition. They wanted to topple Trump by going after one by one any individual surrounding Trump that would reverse so-called progress that Zer-O made. The first domino was supposed to be Flynn- it worked. And we were stuck with impotent Sessions, McCain and stalkers in Senate, capitulates like Paul Ryan in the House. Hideous obstructionists like Brennan,Clapper and Schiff colluding with fake media to weave a false narrative of conspiracy in their opposite world.

  6. Speaking to a foreign agent, undermining government policy, and lying about it under oath are all crimes. Flynn admitted to those crime over a two-year period in front of a judge twice.

  7. I SEE the end product coming out of High School every year. EVERY YEAR it gets worse. No work ethic. No Civics. No critical thinking skills. Sheltered. Unsocial. Entitled. This country isn't going to last.

  8. Conservatives aren't even particularly fond of Flynn, But Everybody doesn't like Corruption. And Everyone Knows Corruption travels across party lines.

  9. Biden used Tax Payer money, 1 Billion Dollars, as a Bribe to get the Prosecutor who was investigating his son, Hunter, Fired. BIDEN = CORRUPT FAT CAT. P.S. If Racist Democrats want to Tear Down statues of Racist Democrats (Confederates). What do we care? We are Conservatives.

  10. Glen Greenwald is the definition of a useful idiot. The fact that hes chosen at this moment to champion the civil rights of Michael Flynn at this moment is disgusting.
    The whole motivation is because Obama "hated Flynn" huh? Sounds like he's projecting his own bad journalistic habits onto others