Glenn Greenwald – The Complete Interview!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Well all be dead from climate change? Has Jimmy ever addressed the fact that climate alarmism has been a tactic for 50 years and the goalposts constantly shift?

    And I love Jimmy even as a person who is center right.

  2. Excellent conversation, i enjoyed you both finding the contradictions of governments: Demos & Repus. Thank you for advocating for real freedom of information that it is more at risk than ever with JB in power. It's going to be a hard fight to give.

  3. The proud boys is led and was co-founded by an Afro-Cuban man in his 30s ish …. not “far, white 50 yr olds”
    They still aren’t hitleresque fascists though.

  4. The Democrats push political censorship.
    The Democrats force lockdowns and imprison people for leaving their homes.
    The Democrats push to consolidate power.
    The Democrats demand wars of aggression.
    The Democrats salivate publicly about improsoning and even killing their political opponents.
    But somehow Trump is the fascist.
    Maybe the people screaming fascist at everyone resisting their authoritarianism should loom in the mirror.

  5. Populists should just take over the GOP. Trump won the working class counties in a landslide….. including majority minority ones like border counties in Texas.

  6. AOC was only allowed to win in order to remove the thorn (Crowley) from
    Mama Bear’s paw. He was the only challenger Pelosi had for speaker that actually had establishment support.

  7. I'm conservative, but open to elements of the Left. Especially this Left, the free speech Left, the "little guy against the Machine" Left. I fucking DESPISE agglomerations of power, wealth, and influence. If there was a socially conservative to socially moderate Worker's Party or Labour Party in this country, I would at least give it a hearing and participate, if not join it outright.

  8. What is so crazy listening to this interview is what Trump supporters have been saying. DO NOT GIVE POWER BACK TO THE ESTABLISHMENT but easily manipulated leftist wanted to play identity politics. Its fucking disgusting.

  9. "McCarthyism" is coming from all quarters. But the most erstwhile proponents demonizing the restless crowds are members of the 1% affluent. They see this political movement as a means to control the masses. There is no hope for our destitute, crooked, diabolical and depleted political system except to write it off as a . . . bad . . . but perhaps necessary experiment and reconstitute a new constitutional and legal process to take its place.

  10. Glen is lost on what Trump did. Calls him a soft guy who did nothing but tweet. However, almost every single DEM in power has consolidated power and stepped all over the constitution.

  11. True. There's about 10,000x as many Antifa as Proud Boys, but PB is the "existential threat" instead of realizing Antifa is undermining the very cause of progress. Antifa is the closest thing to fascism we have, not because that's what they claim to want but because it's what they are unwittingly begging to instate

  12. As a conservative, I love Jimmy even when I don't agree with him because he's a man of integrity who points to the flaws in our system that many on the right ignore. I'm a huge freedom of speech advocate and I admire how he defends other's right to disagree. I'm glad that i stumbled upon him because he's introduced me to new voices like Glen Greenwald. This video should be must see TV for anyone concerned about the fragile state of our freedom of speech.

  13. Ima trump republican and I still listen to jimmy, we all want the same thing I’m not a fan of the progressives like AOC but Jimmy for a guy much older than me is a decent progressive i am still against the craziness from the corporate left and quasi corporate right (neocon) I want in our congress and presidential office the best sides of our two party system who got blackballed a shitload, a trump tulsi ticket or yang Paul ticket we agree for the most part

  14. Always love it when Greenwald comes on – lol he is a lot more relaxed and funny on your show than in other shows on youtube or Fox News. The Intercept has turned into mostly garbage but there still some good people like Jeremy Scahill – love his podcast.

  15. I dont understand the food line thing i live in texas we have jobs like crazy available and for those of us on foodstamps the texas govt increased the benefit amount for people to the maximum allowed for your family size, the only people i could see in a food line are people who hardcore just refuse to use govt benefits which is fine thats their choice or people that dont qualify because they own "real property" that exceeds what they're allowed to in order to qualify now i disagree woth that provision i dont think someone who owns a 2011 honda civic outright which probably exceeds the value of what they need to qualify should have to sell that and drop down to something like im driving in order to qualify for those benefits but if thatd their choice then thats their choicr but its kinda a false choice when you break it down into real terms

  16. 75,000 Americans have died THIS YEAR, so far, from these economic DESTROYING LOCKDOWNS and deaths of despair. If you're advocating lock downs, you're advocating MURDER, if you're advocating mandatory vaccination, you're advocating genocide and FASCISM, and if you're advocating censorship, you're advocating for silencing the voices of those advocating TRUTH, those speaking truth to power….those trying to save the MARGINALIZED, targeted by elite eugenicists for death or abject poverty.
    We don't have much time.
    Wake up.I

  17. Most riveting interview with Glenn Greenwald I’ve ever seen. Jimmy really loosens him up and makes him laugh!
    But I’m very worried Brazil is going to try doing a Julian Assange on Glenn. Biden might end up working with Brazil to make it happen. Just collect all the whistleblowers and throw them to the lions…

  18. I can listen to political discussions leaning left or right. I CAN NOT LISTEN TO PURE STUPIDITY! We've got oligarchs coming down on us so hard right now & Jimmy still believes in the FALSE "climat change" BS! Grow a brain Jimmy. Learn the difference between pollution, geo engineering & the natural climate change cycles that HAVE NOT CHANGED!!!.