Glenn Greenwald Vindicated on Hunter Biden Laptop Story; Cenk & Ana of TYT’s Trash Reporting Exposed

Zac & Gavin react to new updates on the Hunter Biden laptop story and break down the way Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks responded at the time when Glenn Greenwald left The Intercept. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Written by The Vanguard


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  1. Cenk proves his horrendous bias by claiming he has "zero bias", no-one has zero bias over anything, and any honest analyst will admit this right away. ideally we all try to suppress our bias because we know it can be an obstacle to objectivity.

  2. why didnt glenn greenwald also look into the dealings of the Trump foundation and his kids, i am pretty sure its more important to uncover the dealings of a then sitting president breaking the law on all fronts instead of whining about the sons laptop of candidate. Guess Grennwald forgot his investigative roots and rather now is focussed on having personal feuds and twitter wars. Whats the point of walking back to this now, you want Biden to be impeached on this? give me a break

  3. How come TYT never gets fact checked or censored for disinformation like right-wing channels do? Is it because TYT tells the truth or because YouTube is biased in their favor? Which is more likely to be true?🤔

  4. not just this story was censored and links were banned from being shared, the story about BLM founder buying 4 houses in white neighbourhoods was also crushed.

  5. Hillary Clinton exposed special access top secret classified information which was way beyond what was exposed by Bradley Manning and yet James Comey removed gross negligence from the FBI report on five separate occasions and replaced it with extreme carelessness so she could avoid criminal prosecution before the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton belongs behind bars. Some people risked and gave their lives to gain the information she allowed to be exposed by keeping ALL her emails on UNSECURED private servers instead of secure government servers.. like other Secretary of States do.

  6. My neighbors have a banner that says ‘BIRDS AREN’T REAL’

    They say it’s hilarious and they want to bring it to people doing America/Trump promos on street corners. They think they’re in the know because they’re making fun of some Qanon conspiracy that birds aren’t real but they’re robots. Meanwhile videos of truckloads of dead Yemeni children are never seen. THEY are enabling these atrocities by their engagement w/ ignorance. They’re super boosted and now have heart issues. They’re making themselves and keeping themselves distant and isolated from knowledge that could free them from being useful idiots while dragging the American public and world down a darker path.

  7. "10 percent held by Hunter for the Big Guy." That line from Hunter Biden's laptop is evidence that a Chinese oil company bribed the current President of the United States. THAT is the news that the MSM censored just prior to the election. On his first day in office, the Big Guy canceled the inquiry into the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis.

  8. Watergate. Pssssh. I’ve lost all hope and respect for equal justice under the law in America with the Democrat Deep State collusion with Tech and Media. They literally stole the 2020 election.

  9. Well remember when Biden tried to call Trump on the Carpet for Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine ! Then magically Biden shows up in a video Quid Pro Quoing Ukraine ! Did somebody forget that one? Then the Phone call they started impeaching Trump of him Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine ! which never happened!

  10. Founding member of Intercept does not make Greenwald immune from peer criticism and he had, on occasion, inserted his editorial speculations in with evidentiary material … especially after his explosive rise and idolized reputation following Snowden revolution and tremendously valuable Lulu/Brazil coverage. Thus, without the actual article in question I stood by Reed's and Scahill's statements … and to be clear, I think Greenwald may still be one of the most important English speaking journalists of our time.

  11. Guys, I like your show. What impresses me the most is your mutual respect for each other. Always allowing one to finish point, and reenforcing it. However, on this topic, I agree with Cenk 100%. We all knew the shady shit with Hunter. We were all aware of Biden's terrible corrupt history. We all saw how the corporate dems ganged up on Bernie. The Laptop was not a big deal, who cares. And yes, GG was a little obsessive with that topic. There is no difference now. Corruption in politics is rampant. Both sides play the game. But if you ask me, Trump is a danger to the world. Any way we can get this man behind bars, Im down. In fact if I were DOJ, his whole crime family would be in jail.

    Keep up the great work. Peace yo.

  12. Everyone KNEW it was a true story. TYT are scum and they know they are. That said, finding an honest liberal channel like this is something I think is valuable and I'll watch…..I might learn something!

  13. As a non dogmatic but passionate conservative, this channel gives me hope that common sense and intellect hasnt fully departed the left. Fwiw I can criticize the sensationalist right with the best of them but these guys responsibly approach issues with what appears to be an extremely honest take, even if it doesnt make their side look good. Thats good stuff..

  14. The only reason they're talking about it now is because they're afraid Biden and Harris will lose to Trump or maybe De Santis in 2024. I think they want Buttigieg. The media and Big tech needs to be held accountable, and we need to be sure that happens.

  15. These ppl act like we are 1950 with no internet… They lie about stuff anyone can look up within 10min on Google then wonder why ppl trusr Rogan & nobody trusts them.. like they act so surprised I don't get it lol

  16. Terrible analysis, why do these guys care more about pointing out hypocrisy than talking about the actual story ?

    All I keep hearing is the “laptop story is true” and then not really talking about what’s in it ? Same With these guys.

  17. Insert the names Donald Trump and/or ANY of his kids and it would have been 24/7 hyperventilating, hair on fire, it's another bombshell, it's an assault on our democracy, the walls are closing in, it's the beginning of the end, start writing articles of impeachment I/II/III…and any other hysterical over the top insane rhetoric you can think of. Now that we know their occupation, the only question is what's their price.

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