Global and Australian update

Omicron moves into a vacinate population

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. There is no justification for vaccinating younger healthy people. Australia is abusing it's population based on ideology and twisted politics and not science.

  2. 26, daily exercise, Never been jabbed. But unfortunately I Never had covid yet. Everybody I know that did get jabbed, has been sick. I must have a strong immune system. It’s kind of unfair everyone has been both jabbed AND had covid. Then there’s me, haven’t had neither. UNFAIR.

  3. Western Australia doesnt really have high case numbers yet, per capita they are barely at the same levels as NSW is currently, 6000 cases in WA vs 20,000/day in NSW. The difference is (and I feel uniquely qualified to answer, as I work in the eastern states but live in WA) people over east just don't care anymore, no masks or restrictions, most dont care about covid anymore whereas in WA everyone is still on edge, wearing a mask, still gossiping if they know a single person thats got covid or freaking out if they spent 7 seconds in the same room as someone who then tested positive.

  4. I live in Western Australia. Lots of friends who are vaxxed have had the omicron with different symptoms. Weird thing is that those of us who have not had the jab have not had any infections.
    Obviously this is only my friends and family. None were hospitalised some felt rough for a few days with flu like symptoms.

  5. Isn't it weird, John is waking up but at the same time still swears by the vaccine, even after reporting us the truth from fizzer… Looking at LGA data, cases only rose at the time of every jab push. Go to covidlive, bring up random LGA's and match them up with jab dates. In Victoria Australia, there was a case surge at the same time as the booster push before Christmas. Same as the second shot.
    The data is all there.

  6. Dr Campbell on American hospitalisation rates of c440 per million , " appallingly high rates ". Dr Campbell in previous video , "Nicola Sturgeon shouldn't keep masks for another three weeks" . Fact – today Scotland has 1999 hospitalised with covid , which is 370 per million and rising. Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

  7. Ontario (Canada) is saying: "The Ontario Science Advisory Table will release new COVID-19 modelling projections tomorrow at noon (March 17,2022). It will come as the B.A.2 variant is set to dominate in Ontario, and as the province prepares to rescind its mandatory masking policies for indoor settings". This is becoming extremely frustrating. Most especially when natural immunity is ignored. Opinion???

    Look at the, WARNINGS!
    There's a $1,200 kickback for the HOSPITAL!
    Harmful? Kidney, heart & liver HARM!

  9. Australia waited. They were closed, yes you did say this. I thought this was a very long delay. I have a hard time believing the cases of the ones who didn’t have a vaccine. I’m wondering if this is a scare tactic. Australia thought they were being smart by shutting down.
    NYC did the same shut down all , shut out all unless you showed vaccine card. But now they are doing away with this status to show a vaccine card. So what I didn’t go to those establishments who wanted a card of proof. And there are plenty of places who didn’t care in the USA.
    I’m sad it’s still being promoted the vaccine. You can survive Omicron without going to the hospital.
    There may not be a case where the vaccine is NOT needed. I’m really perplexed bc we now know about adverse effects from Pfizer. And yet still people are promoting a vaccine that isn’t meant to treat Omicron. The real cure is with therapeutics. Notice how Nigel didn’t say anything about those being treated with therapeutics.
    Please tell me : my family is not vaccinated but me. We are good. It’s not an end all be all the vaccine.

  10. So western Australia isn't getting testing done, there's no tracking of hotspots. We are at around 1 in 6 people who get tested are positive.
    This is all being done to keep the numbers in line with the premiers max 10k per day prediction. Realistically we are already at around 15k at a minimum infections a day. Not the 5k reported

  11. Hmmmm I'm from WA. I don't put much stock in this dr farrier. An ICU coordinator in Perth has come out and stated only 1 patient in ICU because of covid. The rest are incidental. Our Premier is also not releasing vaccinated/ non vaccinated data, with or because so not sure how he is getting info.

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