Global Death Rates Are Skyrocketing! Why?

In a recent video, popular YouTube host and retired nursing instructor Dr. John Campbell of the U.K. covered the alarming revelations that England and Wales – and likely many other places around the world – are experiencing higher than expected death rates even when COVID deaths are factored in. So what’s the cause of these elevated global mortality rates? Campbell shares a number of hypotheses but reserves judgment pending additional research into the matter.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger share their suspicions about the source of this death rate spike as well.

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  1. So if that 16 per cent were to double, then double…etc., lots would die. Lots would also be off the hook for pension payouts and other such liabilities for insurance and government. Hmmmmmm. The plot thickens.

  2. how many more times do conspiracy have to proven correct – for low IQ people to see when smears & censorship happens it’s because we are over the target.

  3. I was in UK earlier this year and I was surpised that during my visit, the UK mysteriously dropped all covid mandates. Now, I'm guessing that someone knew something that we aren't being told.

  4. Yep! We know what this all indicates. But, what we DON'T know is how this is going to unfold in the coming years. Definitely expecting a shortening of average life spans for the population who've been vaxxed. I derive no pleasure in saying, '…some of us told you so….'. It's a humanitarian crisis, along with all the other crises that have been created by the global elites in the past few years, and none of those responsible will be held accountable. As usual. 😢

  5. The corporate media's reason for being is obscuring (covering up for Government etc.) With all the.higher death rates around the world, there IS A HUGE EFFORT underway to hide what is going on. I believe that major depopulation programs are going on..?The Medical/!Health.authorities are.complicit in covering up the causes of the big increase in death.rates.

  6. Deaths at home up 30%. Suicide, drug fatalities and quite frankly, hospitals rejecting people from treatment and finally, those with terminal illness wanting to be with family and friends in their final stages of life. Hospitals prevent that basic human dignity.

  7. Football players suffering heart attacks are not that rare. You can watch video compilations on yt. It's quite sad to see. One minutes you see a footballer running then the next minute, he's on the floor.

  8. Drs like this guys have been remarkably accurate from day one, and yet they were censored and attacked ruthlessly. One has to wonder if the pandemic was always by design.

  9. When I stand as a sovereign being, as a master, as the creator that I know that I am, I respect and honor every experience, every aspect, because I know that they’re there to share wisdom. But the only way they can share their wisdom with me is when I’m owning my godself. When I’m in that moment loving and accepting and allowing all that I can be.

  10. The “Only” thing we can actually confirm is “Experts”on Covid doesn’t know anything about it. Experts were just guessing all the way, nothing is concrete. They make up stats, base their findings on pseudoscience, change their “Professional” opinions as facts and these facts fluctuate at any given moment. We can absolutely confirm vaccine manufacturers made profits in access of 20 billion dollars and some politicians became millionaires since 2019…

  11. You ring your doctor for an appointment and you hear this message. "If you are having chest pain or anything that feels serious, hang up now and call your emergency number." We only see people who are well and don't really need a doctor.

  12. I'm guessing Paxlovin is pretty profitable for pharma, am I right? Hey, we have a cancer treatment that will treat your cancer and then give you cancer… sound good?

  13. I think it's due to medical censorship… political censorship… media cancel culture… warmonger culture… Big Brother autocracy… mass surveillance… propaganda to hoodwink the clueless…
    Mass unemployment… drug/alcohol abuse… people living in tents under bridges… food insecurity… street violence… domestic violence… Divorce… isolation… loneliness… institutional, political corruption… Slush funds using public money… money laundering… war profiteering… weapons dealing… Take your pick. There are a thousand and one ways to die these days.

  14. An Experimental vaccine where the companies refused to release the side effects for 75 years. What could possibly go wrong??? The question is…is it doing the job it was meant to do?? After 4 months we knew the Recovery Rate was 99.4% so…why the Lockdowns….

  15. Why would someone continue to cling to these irrational antivaxx conspiracy theories that have already been repeatedly, thoroughly, and exhaustively debunked long ago by literally every single credible scientist worldwide? Please use common sense – if the vaccine were killing people, why wouldn't every news agency in the world be putting this news on the front page right now? And for that matter, why would this so-called "Big Pharma" that's supposedly only concerned with profits want to kill a large portion of their customer base? You can't have it both ways.

    My brother is like this, and I'm at the point where I'm considering pursuing an involuntary mental health hold for his safety. He's absolutely convinced that the vaccine was to blame for his eight month old daughter passing away from SIDS a month after she was vaccinated, and no amount of evidence will dissuade him. This is despite the fact that at least five doctors have already confirmed which disease she actually died from. It's like a form of psychosis in a way, because he claims that all these other doctors are all in on the conspiracy too.

    I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, because he's been obsessed with vaccine conspiracy theories ever his wife died of SADS. Still though, I feel like it's unfair to use me as a scapegoat for his grief just because I was the one who urged him to finally get his family their long-overdue COVID vaccinations.The irony is, if I hadn't convinced him to do that, he likely would have eventually lost his wife and daughter to COVID.

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