Global Food Prices at a 10-Year High – Will it lead to social unrest?

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Global Foor Prices are at a 10-year high. Foreshadowing social unrest or supply chain issues?


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  1. There ia a solar cycle minimum right now. Lowest sunspot activity in a long long time. I told my old Finance Professor I predict food price rises in future, last year, which will pop a debt fuelled boom, when disposable income is reduced . We will see if it comes true. Maybe I can get a Nobel prize for economics :))))). I saw an apple drop last year, I read that lower sun activity will cause apples to shed, well less solar activity , less food output and higher prices. A apple dropping moment

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Australian house prices will defy all global economic issues and will continue to climb 50%pa. Australian families will go on a 350 day fasting diet to afford their mortgage repayment, amidst global food price rises.

  3. Well australia one of the most obese countries in the world so no problem here. (just kidding even more unhealthy population as they turn to cheap fats and carbs which have low nutrition)

  4. Yeh what a surprise. Global debt increased by 35 trillion dollars during covid. Many didn't work or produce during this time. Well… Now it time for the consequences of that. And I think this is just the beginning stages. I'm expecting it to get much worse yet. And since the US export their inflation. To the world this will be a global currency crisis that will start at the weakest links and spread to the rest and end with the US burning at the end. We'll see…

  5. So food was more expensive a decade ago. Sounds like " biggest storm in 50 years" or hottest temp. Since 1930. Statistics need analysis by a rational mind, not yahoo news goldfish brains.

  6. 1970's stagflation was met with the only tool available to stop run-away inflation, raising interest rates. If this is stagflation, there is no other option than to raise rates either slowly (starting now), or rapidly (later on when inflation builds up speed). RBNZ seems to realise this, other central banks don't yet.

  7. Our revered economists at treasury and RBA, who advise our government, keep reassuring us that this will all be transitory and we will not have inflation so there is nothing to worry about. (As I write this I can smell bacon cooking. A couple of pigs have come in to land and crash landed at the local airport.)

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