Global Mandate Protests – Is THIS Where Your Freedoms Are Headed?!

In numerous countries thousands upon thousands of people have been protesting vaccine mandates and passports…
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I'm so disappointed in so many of my friends and relatives who are willing to just shrug their shoulders and accept this, saying "this is the way it is now…"But it SHOULDN'T be and it doesn't have to be. So many Australians are more concerned about the state borders opening so they can go on holidays and expect others to get vaccinated so they can accomplish this. I really couldn't give two shits about other people's travel plans. I'm more concerned about the loss of civil and personal liberties.
    Our governments seem to be taking no responsibility for the fallout of these mandates. If you're going to force a medical procedure on someone, you need to be accountable for what might happen to the person afterward (and their family if they were the sole income earner and can no longer work). But nobody seems to be. It seems to be more a case of "We're forcing this onto you, but you're on your own if it makes you sick…"
    And what makes me absolutely angry is that in my home state, our politicians are not mandated to get the jab. They only have to get it in the event of another lockdown. They can refuse and keep their jobs, yet they're enforcing the mandate for everyone else. This alone should make people want to protest in anger.

  2. Europe just went apes$#@ on those who don't have that lousy thing by fining the individual on top of that. At least in America those who refused would just be publically shunned and called a bigot

  3. To each their own. But it is a clear over reach of power. It is not a good direction we should be going. It is tyranny! And against medical confidentiality. You can't ask someone if they are HIV positive or even Tuberculosis positive to board a plane.

  4. Isolated quarantine camps in Australia are called " WELLNESS CENTRES"…..can detain thousands of people. Queensland's Premier said publicly that these camps can be used to hold the unvaccinated population. Are unvaccinated people going to be crammed into cattle trucks and transported to these camps and held against their will? Australian people are facing huge threats under rules imposed in each Australian State. Premiers of each State are threatening unvaccinated people with huge fines, jail, criminal charges, segregation, denied religious involvement, social involvement, removed from their employment, prohibited from cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, even the beach, and there is so much more. Police have shot people, trampled them, pushed them violently to the ground, throttled people, handcuffed pregnant women, pepper sprayed the elderly, arrested completely peaceful people sitting in public parks, swarmed and physically manhandled by several police during arrests for not wearing a mask….

  5. Here in Germany in the summer they let people socialise if people were vaccinated, recovered or tested negative if unvaccinated, meaning that all unvaccinated people who gathered in public spaces were tested while the vaccinated were not. You can see now, the numbers are increasing like crazy. It is something for them to think, being vaccinated does not stop the spreading of the virus. I don't understand why these stupid politicians cannot understand this!

  6. I was raised in Italy and have lived half of my adult life there. Italy's bureaucracy even in normal times is insane and as a result many Italians often tend to ignore laws and rules (because it's literally impossible to follow all the rules since they are complex plus for many rules there is another one that contradicts it). In the west the pandemic hit first in Italy and hit very hard so it's understandable that its green pass law is particularly strict. Not saying I agree with it but I understand the reasons behind Italy's draconian approach and I hope the powers that be will eventually ease restrictions especially as the situation continues to stabilise.

  7. Facial recognition doesnt work and never will. Even at a 95% success rate which would be the absolute top limit for the technology in a country with 100 million ppl thats 5 million times it would be wrong. Instead technology like facial recognition can be uaed to black mail certain individuals. If you put a face into it its possible to follow that person and know what hes doing in order to use against. These ppl being senetors congressman etc

  8. In New Zealand they're implementing no jab no job, medical staff and teachers and many others who work with the public/or not even in contact with public, ie volunteers working at suicide hotlines from there homes! Are also being mandated to be vaccinated or they lose their livelihoods. The new traffic light system, green orange and red which means each region can be divided into the category of green orange and red which indicates the severity of covid in the community and allows for businesses to be able to work under vaccine passports which means people who haven't been vaccinated will not be able to enter bars restaurants cafes festivals see friends go to the movies go to a pool or library etcetera businesses which do not implement the vaccine passport will either close or not be able to open dependent on which light system we are under per region, or be open with strict distancing and contact measures, nor receive funding from the government for their staff to be able to survive. the only things people unvaccinated without a vaccine passport will be able to do is access supermarkets and pharmacies and some healthcare which will exclude surgeries and dental procedures. It's getting really heavy in New Zealand our prime minster openly admitted two creating to classes of citizens, creating division, segregation and discrimination. I've been out protesting each weekend for many many weeks now about our mandates. Please look into NZ, i would love to hear your thoughts Russell! 🙏

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