Global Market CRASH coming sparked by China’s Evergrande

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  1. Crypto is an ETN which are complete frauds. Now they do not make new crypto coins they just chop coins into pieces and you buy a piece of a piece of a piece of a crypto. You will never buy a full crypto again. Crypto is not backed up by anything at all. Crypto seems nice to absolute morons who fall for the bullshit scam but its a bullshit scam.

  2. Land appreciates and Buildings Depreciate, when you buy a building, you depreciate the building value amount only. All capital works isn't even, some works are creating additional assets on the property, and are not considered as repairs, maintenance or rehab of the building. If you earn 60k a year, and you collect 25k a year in rental income, and the cost per year to own the property after depreciation, interest, maintenance, etc is 35k per year, (some of this cost is soft costs, like depreciation isn't out of your pocket, but it's a tax deduction against business or earned income) you get a tax credit against the 10k loss of your 60k earned taxed income, your taxable income is only 50k, so you keep the 3k in the bank.
    When a 98k property becomes a 1 million value, borrow 500k and buy 5 more properties with 100k deposits. Don't ever sell……
    The first property you buy, will always be the cheapest. If you owe the bank 100k, you have a problem, if you owe the bank 10mil, they have a problem. Use banks to leverage investments, not buy fancy cars etc.
    A quick anecdote. 2 brothers in 1975, inherited 12k each from an affluent relative. So 1975… Brother A used his 12k to build his dream home, owned outright, no mortgage. Brother B bought 4 modest 6k houses, using 3k deposits and borrowed 12k 50% mortgage.
    In 2010, Brother A's exclusive home was worth 1.5 Mil, owned outright. Brother B had a 12k mortgage on 4 houses worth 2 Mil total, plus 100k+ cash flow from all 3 of them every year.
    Are you Brother A or B?
    Never sell, never pay off the debt.

  3. Most poeple view a 401k as their retirement account. In reality, a 401k is the government's retirement account. There is $12 Trillion in Retirement Accounts… all of which is untaxed! And who gets to decide the tax rate you will pay on your 401k? The politicians – hence their retirement account!

  4. Does not matter because the American people allow it to happen to themselves until you hold leadership meaning all the governors and the president accountable it will forever happen.

  5. Assets and liabilities are not synonyms. Having 300 billion in assets and having 300 billion in liabilities are not the same thing. Are you deliberately using the wrong words to make them look better? Whose side are you really on?

  6. He wouldn't have profited from that 1.2 million house, 2008 housing crash was telling everyone to pay mortgage in full or lose the home, so unless you had a large chunk of cash like Pablo Escobar, you were losing your home in 2008

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