Global Shortage to Hit Trucking – Shortages by January 2022

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Global shortages could potentially cause trucking to grind to a halt and lead to shopping shortages by January 2022.


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  1. I don’t think this new variant will cause a stock market crash. BUT, this new variant and at the same time a few of these Chinese developers finally going under would be completely different. Also the fed seems to be changing direction. There’s plenty of likely triggers at the moment. Plus the yield curve is saying interest rates going up would cause problems, a straighter upward line would mean a healthy economy. The markets are saying the central bank would have to reverse its decisions but the question is what happened before that

  2. omicron is a even weaker than the original few variants.
    no, it wont cause shortages. supply chain chaos MAY be caused by the upcoming processed-oil shortage, due to multiple oil refineries going into service-mode during the initial outbreak/shutdown of corona

  3. I wish you would stop peddling BS about the economy …. Since this Covid BS we are being subjected to shortages of shipping delays , Manufacture of electrical components , Not enough drivers and so on … cant you see that its all about manipulation of prices and we the public will be paying one way or the other….

  4. The vehicles that use it, the DEF sensor only senses DEF. If it’s demineralised water, the gauge will read empty. If it’s a weak mixture of DEF the gauge will read inaccurately. Some vehicles will fail to start and others will go into limp mode. It’s the last thing you want going up an on ramp

  5. Made China because fuel and trucking companies are cheap arses and want to make more profit, in lieu of fuel security…..
    it sells for 95cents a litre…..$1.20L to make locally is NOTHING…….

  6. Urea is a fertilizer and it is used to put nitrogen in the soil. Uric acid is a natural byproduct of muscle movement in humans and animals and some of it comes out in our sweat, the rest comes out in our urine. I don't think it would help to just pee in an adblue tank though. Maybe we need a bucket behind every cow in Australia and a way to collect it all and transport all the cow pee to a refinery where it can be purified. Milk tankers carry milk to the milk factory, why can't they do the same thing with the cow's urine? Or maybe it can be extracted from our sewage systems somehow and purified. I wonder how much would be needed? I'm being silly of course, before someone takes me seriously and start flaming me. (LOL).

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