Global WHO Treaty Is Real And Will Control You

Flying under the radar and unbeknownst to most, the World Health Organization is quietly pursuing an international treaty that would hand national sovereignty over healthcare decisions to the unaccountable global body, allowing the WHO to unilaterally declare pandemics and impose responses on individual nations. Not surprisingly, major WHO funder Bill Gates is fully supportive of the idea.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the possible consequences of this treaty and how the Microsoft founder would benefit from its signing.

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  1. Watching Jimmy and Joe get red piled over that years has been painful. Bill is behind but he's dragging himself kicking and screaming too.

    Glad it's happening.

    Kinda weird, but Jimmy sounds more and more like Alex Jones and less and less like the Young Turds.

    If you can look pass his craziness, 90% of what Alex said has ended up being true…and I wasn't really a fan. That's why he was canceled.

    Wonder why Trump was the second major influencer to get canceled?

  2. It's almost funny if not so f***ed up. Congress is going back and forth arguing about taking our guns away and not even addressing this! How convenient that we've had 2 shootings in a row, while this WHO crap is going on? Keep sleeping America…how dangerous can a demented, washed up old man be for the US?

  3. You just said it, to all members, well, we will be not a member and that’s it. I keep watching that something is happening, a couple of good fella’s are trying to dominate the world for its safety!!!!!!!! Do you believe those guys ????? Nooooooooooo

  4. What moronic government would sign up to something like that, it would be a government that no population wants to have.The WHO has proven itself to be one of the most corrupt organisations on the face of this planet

  5. It's no joke to state you can expect the army on the streets when the WHO take control.

    Hell is coming as our Governments hand us over. I got a video of the German Economic minister saying it doesn't matter if 100,000 of us die.

    That's a fraction of what they want

  6. Anything globalist must be destroyed, and anyone globalist must be ERADICATED.

    Looking at you “elites”, and we will be laughing while you FAIL to rule the world because evil will NOT prevail!

  7. No. That makes Biden a traitor and why we cannot hand over any firearms we have. That's why we have the 2nd amendment! We cannot go along with this. If we comply, there will never be an America again. Covid and now monkeypox and this so-called treaty have all been created by design.

  8. 6:15 And keep in mind that they also softened up the definition of pandemic ever since the swine flu one, which wasn't dangerous enough to be allowed to be declared one under the old rules. Just like how they redefined what vaccine meant for the covid ones.

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