‘Globalist Monopoly’ Owns 85% of US Cattle Supply Chain, Destroying American Ranchers

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  1. How do you defeat rural America at the polls? Eliminate their livelihoods and make it harder for them to function in society. Introduce foreign owners to the lands and products those lands produce to circumvent the US laws by creating new laws granting the monopolies and rewording the existing laws to favor the monopolies.

    This is not a war fought with guns and bombs. This is a war of attrition and plight upon the enemy, aka the USA by China. If the nation you wish to defeat is strong you cause problems in their economy and ability to produce what is needed for their protection and defense. It is the ECONOMIC WAR that is defeating the USA all because of greedy corrupt career politicians and career political families.

  2. China is currently buying up all the Farmland in America as well as housing property. We need to go to war with them and take back America, Joe Biden and his son have sold us down the river

  3. I understand this is a free country a free Nation but every person in the United States of America needs to be proud to be an American a free American and if you have communist ideas or socialist ideas or tyrannical ideas you need to get out of this country because that's not what this country is about

  4. That should have never happened. That should be against the law. We have a department in our government that should be protected against this. Why are they not doing their job. They have the power to reverse that . Our resources belong to Americans and not outside governments or organizations outside this country. And monopolies I thought are illegal am I right?

  5. These WEF BILLIONAIREZ Just don't understand that THE ARE going to end up with Billions of people coming after them .. They dont have enough weapons to stop us from taking them down … They're going to become the source meat that replaces cattle !! Starving people will eat people !!

  6. Time to start hunting globalist they are gonna end up starving us into submission so if you want to have meat you better put the globalists on notice I am ready to go hunting I am sick of these people being in my way of eating

  7. 1. 4 companies controlling the supply of a market isn't a monopoly, it's an oligopoly. Use terms correctly.
    2. The labeling thing is ridiculous, yes.
    3. If you can't compete with foreign producers (and you likely could if not for the labeling thing), you should go out of business. If the people don't demand American beef, then why should you try to force them by force of arms (the State)? Do you believe you should be able to make their choices for them?
    4. What's more dangerous to Americans, a theoretical monopoly, that still does have to respond to supply and demand (as well as potential competitors), or the State, which is the ultimate monopoly that demands a monopoly on the use of force and steals from you (taxes and inflation)? If you answered this question logically, then why would you pursue anti-trust legislation which does nothing but give the State more power?
    5. Name me a monopoly that isn't supported by the State.
    -An Economist

  8. It is time for some serious changes to the system. No monopolies, made in America, term limits for all elected officials with annual reviews, a way to more readily remove corrupt ineffective politicians and a way to punish those who work against our interests. There is much more to do but just these changes would restore the U.S. and solve the employment/wage problems while restricting special interests groups from dictating policy. A Constitutional Convention of States can implement these changes. Sign the petition and let your state reps know how you feel about starvation, inflation and the corrupt regime.

  9. I’m a cattle feeder from Southwest Nebraska, I’m considered a small feeder but I feed roughly 2000 animals annually and gross between three and four million dollars annually. I feed approximately 18,000 Americans their annual consumption of beef. I’m so broke that I qualify for and receive Medicare. I seen a story the other day listing the 10 richest women in the USA, the lady who owns Cargill is worth $8.1 billion and I’m on Medicare, what’s wrong here?

  10. Bill cooper said the USA was set up as a way for the NWO to take over the world and we’re seeing it in action right now! Get to a safer country or prep your asses off!!

  11. This is scary and ridiculous, we're in the middle of a giant conspiracy and it has to stop. There will always be more of us than them,we will have to take it back by force 9ne way or another, maybe a great reset of our own to turn back the clock towards policies that helped America and its citizens.

  12. No foreign company should own any land, or have a large stock in American companies! Too many American politicians are greedy and sell out our country to the highest bidder! It's traitorous and disgusting

  13. The death of this country right in front of our eyes. All of these world organizations dictating to the US. How we will do business. This country is lost. Unbelievable!

  14. Why try to pass that legislation during this Biden administration? There's no way in hell they will pass anything that helps america. I feel like this "phisician" should know that by now

  15. Thanks Roman for your information. These activists have wanted to stop meat consumption by ordinary people for many years and are on the brink of succeeding. The ruination of America has been going on for many years, and the very Law has been turned against the populace, repressing and punishing those who wish to go about their business. The covid scam and shut-downs made that obvious.

    During his destructive time as president Obama and his ilk began to set up an international crony/corporate system which is now monopolizing most of the production of any kind in many countries – he also enabled many things to create chaos in particular to the American way of life.
    He also set up the highly expensive college and university education payment system by taking banks out of the equation and putting the government in charge of pricing and there-by trapping millions of students into useless and exorbitant loans. The creation of ridiculous and meaningless "studies" has produced hundred of thousands of rabid mindless young activists and enabled anti-white racism.
    These so-called educational systems are now teaching complete rubbish and nonsense to gullible students who then become activists.

    These educational/propaganda institutions are gate-keepers which usher the "suitable" children of the elites and governmental "workers" into our government and our institutions by the thousands.
    Since Donald Trump stepped forward it has become apparent that politics is so corrupted that only the People will be able to undo the extensive and on-going damage done to their culture by BOTH parties. When will counter actions begin to start…..?

  16. 10:56 I feel like that's a secret, you just revealed a secret to the audience that no one knows about.

    So true. Now that I look back I see the discrepancy. Think about our produce, it's printed with the country of origin. Often times I will pass on imported produce because it's often inferior having traveled so many bumpy miles getting to us. I was always frustrated that there was never a country of origin for meat, especially at Costco and I always though that was suspect. Think about the meat department experience too, a bunch of nameless no brand cuts of meat etc, no company reputation other than the reseller. It's a very low information experience, all you have to go by is visuals and past experience with the meat.

    Roman, see if you can get some cattle sponsors to order meat online and have it delivered. Let's start sourcing our meat locally or at least from the US. I'm going to look up local farms and see if I can get some relationship with them. I'm totally grossed out thinking about eating generic nameless meat.

  17. Ranchers need to start selling their products directly to the consumer and people need to start buying from the farmers directly take the power back plus you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and by cutting out these middleman you’re more than likely get it cheaper.

  18. There is a reason this born and raised Colorado cowboy is a truck driver. For now anyway. I just hope they do not replace me with a computer and stop trying to make this a minimum wage job

  19. The USDA works as the henchmen for the multi national CAFO's by refusing to allow different regulations for the small rancher who wants to be able to raise healthy animals for clean meat, and slaughter on their own land. This is animal husbandry as it was intended to be – the cattle are birthed and raised on open pastures without the need for antibiotics to fatten them up and keep them alive (without the use of filthy corn-based feed lots where disease is rampant) and then slaughtered and packaged on the land. The USDA claims this is giving the small rancher an "unfair advantage" over the factory farms because the small rancher/farmer can sell to the public directly, without all the middlemen.

    Seriously, that's the main reason they're going after the Amish farmers in the Amos Miller Coop, an ongoing battle between an Amish farmer in PA and the USDA. I know because we're coop members of the farm. Armed Federal Marshals and USDA agents actually raided his farm and confiscated hundreds of pounds his beef, pork, lamb and poultry. They've stopped the refrigerators trucks delivering the private coop members orders and opened and riffled through our shipments in effort to intimidate us and the trucking companies. Amos owes $300k in fines and several hundred in legal fees and USDA costs, fees and legal fees.

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