GLOVES OFF – Yet Another Ex-Cop Speaks Out


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9th November 2021 – Melbourne, Australia

Approximately 6:30pm outside Parliament House

Speech by Krystle – Former acting senior seargent of Victoria Police, well known for quitting during filming of an interview with Discernable. Full Original Interview:

There were other great speeches last night, and a video of the march is on the way.

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Whatever happens both sides wont stop. The will of the people will be stronger, they have less to lose and more conviction. The police are enforcing orders, because their lives are in no danger…. yet. If and when things ramp up, do you think the police will be willing to die for Daniel Andrews? They are not warriors, they are inexperienced kids mindlessly taking orders. The people will win.

  2. Wow such a powerful speech. As for the cops standing on the steps they should have laid down their arms and stood with the people but they didn't. So they have just shown their true colours and will go dow with the rest of the traitors.

  3. Krystsal, we all love you, that was brilliant. We want the police to serve the public, not the power hungry Daniel Andrews!
    We want the rational, not political, handling of the medical emergencies.

  4. Strange lost faith in police certain people already certain people lost faith in police going on since beginning police formed in 1853. Certain members are doing what is right for the community there’s others causing concerns, issues certain members behaviours themselves, others, organisation and community.

    Strange only see and hear 1 concerned many others concerns within police force needs resolved.

    There’re other ways protesting, walk away from that world return life because that world foundation we will crumble 1 day life‘s foundation solid because even if it’s become what it is today or created it all has a purpose and a balance with even the caretakers of all things in life knowledge and understanding of resolving anything with right knowledge life

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