Go Home Nancy… You’re FIRED!


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  1. They passed the anti-lynching bill. Which I’m pretty sure murder has been illegal for a long time now. But they passed that so they’ve done more than any other president in history

  2. well, the title has nancy in it but she's not even in the video. either way, need to tone it down a little or some voters mite think its n the bag & wont go vote

  3. I would swear the democrats wanted roe overturned, so they could have a one issue vote and distract from the destruction they have created, or so they would think. Because the scotus didn’t have the balls to touch the election fraud and kavanaugh and coney barret seem to have fallen in line with whatever goof John roberts tells them to do. And now we are supposed to believe they had the guts to overturn roe?

  4. This is the best time to exterminate the DNC and Democrats.. Then finish them off in 2024. 2024 will be a goodtime to get rid of RINOs as well.

  5. I can name one thing they've delivered……..strife. Add a measure of divisiveness and a dash of incompetence and you get the dish we are going to be forced to eat

  6. Pro choice is not only about pro-abortion. Progressive "Liberal World Order" are pro-Death for all against inflation, criminal justice, and socialism. Are our lives better in the 19 months under BIden/ Harris, and Pelosi cult and their self enrichment.

  7. Half my brain is surprise and the other half is not. The half it's not surprised just attributed to the ADD of the populace. They can't focus hold on to any thought unless the media constantly bombarded them with it. Surprisingly the media doesn't feel the need to do it on this subject. I'm relieved I'm happy to think there will be a red wave.

  8. Let's not forget the fact that instead of using our oil reserves to lower gas prices he's sending our reserves to China. They must really hold things over his head so he bows down to whatever they want.

  9. Democrats don't care about what the general population wants. They only care about those who earn a million a year or more, give or take. Those who don't need tax shelters are peons to the democrats and they have no time to consider our needs unless it profits them.

  10. I’m just waiting for in a country of 330 million people, biden to get 400 million votes and the media and democrats react by telling us it was an even freer and fairer election than last time and if we don’t agree we’re conspiracy theorists.

  11. President Trump promised to drain the swamp. I voted for him because I believed that if anyone could it would be him. I also knew that it wasn't going to happen overnight, but would be a slow drawn out process but believed he could start the proverbial ball rolling. He has not let me down, he started with doing the right things for America, then started exposing the media, then exposed the politicians for their incompetent ways. He started opening the eyes of everyday Americans to what was happening. Then he sat back and let them do the rest, don't get me wrong there is a long way to go, we have to keep pushing because far to many people have been brainwashed. But he forced the crooked, power hungry fools to push too hard too fast and that has caused the weakening of their foundations, eventually leading to all out collapse. Thank You President Donald J Trump, you are the first elected official to make me promises and actually deliver on them.

  12. It took 50 years for Roe v Wade to get overturned. Electing pro choice politicians won't change the latest ruling so it's a dumb thing to run on. Not to mention they speak like women are this monolithic group of voters that are all pro choice. In my small circle I'd say pro life vs pro choice among both men and women is about 50/50 and not to mention a much higher percentage of women are not for abortion with no restrictions. The voters in deeply red states don't want abortion including women and in deep blue states nothing changes regarding abortion.

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