Go slow strategy. Ukraine economy collapse, EU economy severe downturn

Go slow strategy. Ukraine economy collapse, EU economy severe downturn
The Duran: Episode 1477



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  1. The spending in Ukraine by the U.S. is already unpopular domestically. A draft would be out of the question. Europe and particularly France and Germany are not really interested in further alienating Russia. Further pushing by the U.S. could cause a re-evaluation of NATO membership. If a populist gets in office 2024 this thing is over. Most sober political views sees Ukraine as hopelessly corrupt and not a stable addition to the EU. We're heading for a massive economic downturn and then what? If I were Russia I'd continue with the attrition strategy. The Ukrainians would need some way to force the hand of Russia to do something they're not fully prepared for but the problem with that is Russia is likely prepared for this.

  2. Freezing Russian assets is exactly why OPEC, Asian, African countries are pushing for de-dollarisation and dumping their US T-Bills in order to avoid these illegal act of Us & EU!

  3. Thank you gentlemen. A wide and very interesting discussion today, establishing the things to look out for as we dive into 2023. Amazingly most of your topics are already well within view. Alexander’s analysis and commentary on the Ukraine economy is maybe the most significant point, which has been missing from many people’s minds, since the SMO began. No doubt we will hear more about this as this year progresses. If Blackrock is pulling out, we’ll then that is an epitaph for western investment in the Ukraine ‘project’. Mind you, the MIC business is booming with continuously sending old and dilapidated armaments to Belenesky, because they must be replaced. Maybe all those visits to plead for more, by Belenesky , is revealing the now alternative reality of his role and that of his regime, at this juncture. Not to win, but to get his cut from the compelled run out of the wests armaments. The MIC growth is now exponential via the annihilation of Ukraine and Ukrainians. The elites seem to prefer to use a crisis to throw everyone off their objective, and so it is inevitable they will manipulate their failure into ‘ another opportunity’. Could their motto be; every disaster is an opportunity!

  4. The US has realised that it needs manufacturing sectors to conduct a cold war with China. It is poaching industries from Europe to put themselves in a position to challenge China, Russia and India. To little to late. My wish for the US is a slow decent into oblivion.

  5. I think that Boris Johnson intervention in the peace between Ukraine and Russia, had more to do with WEF money laundering, western tax payers money turned into funds for the WEF.
    I also think that Russia is more about the last bastion of Christianity forced into a corner by Obama's western coup in Ukraine, Putin gave them redlines and NATO crossed them all.

  6. Frankly, the rest of the world doesn't care about this war.
    We see it as the west burning their own house and trying to put out the fire.
    Meanwhile the rest of the world moves along making trade deals and developing new relationships for the betterment of their people.
    The west can continue making itself irrelevant to the rest of the world while we have one less competitor.

  7. These countries can only steal Russian assets once ! The reciprocal pain will last forever , Fools ! , all these western leaders must be held accountable for their corruption and warmongering and behaviour that is not in the interests of their citizens .

    European citizens that are pro-Ukraine better wake up fast and realise they may go to war soon with Russia unless they start talking peace , so pro-Ukrainians put your money where your mouth is and be ready for the front line .

  8. that's incorrect about US natural gas production declining. there are massive natural gas reserves still left in the marcellus shale and beneath that another massive reserve in the utica shale which has not even been tapped at all covering all most of PA, Western NY, Eastern Ohio and WV.

  9. Unfortunately for everyone the EU, UK and good old USA still think Putin is an idiot. I suspect his long term plans include watching the EU et all rip them selves apart from internal strife and mistrust of their own political establishment's, here in the UK it feels we are not too far away now!

  10. I believe that the USA is being controlled by the UK and that the USA is still regarded as a British colony.
    In the original constitution, there is no tax !!! The UK are the cause of all military conflict around the world.
    Just look at British history and the East India Company.

  11. the go slow strategy bears a huge risk…. don´t underestimate the determination of the neo-cons (Reps and Dems) to go in all big and escalate further, not sure if this is good for anyone including the Russians (to be clear: this is very bad for everyone incl the Russians) – hence: if Russia has a chance to avoid this, they should take it, and that is: be fast and not go slow

  12. Also russia's MOD Confirmed heavy shelling from Ukraine Army when the Russian started the Ceasefire of residential areas aswell shelling of Russian troops Meanwhile the Russians hold their deal of the Ceasefire

  13. You did not mention the food shortages coming. Lack of grain and fertiliser from Russia will mean spring crops not planted.
    Will hit mid to late 2023. The smug Europeans will starve.
    No industry esp Germany means no big social benefits. Huge €€ debt as desperation hits.
    Europe is gone. Industry moving to Asia.
    Massive social unrest coming.

  14. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm glad I've been following you for a year now because then I'll at least get a really good picture of what's going on. I myself worked for defense for 17 years and I know how you are tricked by governments. But in Europe it is almost laughable . And that's totally the case about Ukraine and climate. They have now come up with yet another story in the EU to get people off the gas. The story is now that children get asthma from gas cooking. Well you wonder who comes up with all this nonsense. But the left wing climate elite invents more and more propaganda. Basically they are using what they have learned from covid. Talk to fear as much fear as possible. It's amazing how many people fall for this. Please continue with your channel because it is great and reality should not be lost sight of. Keep it up guys.

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