Going to bombshelter we dont know whats happening ukraine

Video SOURCE :
Andriy Vasylenko (YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

Just woke up, and a minte later we hear the siren, and the TV hosts that were streaming were ordered to go to shelter. It means it’s serious. Stand by. Stay strong #ukrainian

Written by AhirTech


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  1. It's so crazy how we can feel so close to others to the other side of the world. In another life we could've been friends. The same goes for the Russians. We are all people and want the same basic things in life just to live in peace and find happiness. Praying that you and your family stay safe.

  2. Ничего, для расширения кругозора, можно и парочку ночей в шелтере посидеть. Измученные шахтеры уже 7мь лет так живут. Вы тоже не переломитесь, европейцы недоделанные..
    Это вам не учительниц в школах из тяжелой артиллерии расстреливать (утро 25.02.22).

  3. My heart is breaking for all Ukrainian people , I feel so bad for everyone there , whatever you do , don't try to engage the Russian Army , I'm not saying this because I support Russia , I'm saying it because I support the Ukrainian people , a piece of land is no reason to die or get your family killed , the Ukraine will always be the Ukraine no matter who governs it , stay safe , love you all !❤🇺🇸🇺🇦

  4. Why ain’t you fighting for your country this is what is wrong with the men in this world rather pick up a phone and record then pick up a gun and protect the women and children of there country coward

  5. эти ребята 8 лет убивали на донбасе своих же соотечественников,живущих на украинской земле,все язык куда то засунули и молчали,а теперь прям все молятся,а раньше где вы были

  6. Excellent Up load thankyou for the info,,,,,,,,,,PUTIN What a nasty evil stupid ignorant selfish person this is all because of him. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. None of them should have to go through this. Its a tragedy. This is what happens when a mad man becomes a dictator.

  7. it is not surprising of you watching these films that the one who records them knows where to be and how to set up to record well … and set up an account on YT and earn thanks to the fact that you watch "these kind of recordings from hiding," how did he know where what? will be happening ????????

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