Gonzalo Lira Goes Missing After Daily Beast Tries To Get Him Killed



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  1. Fucken EVIL of the daily beast to do that but it doesn't surprise me as the propaganda news gets more desperate everyday to control the NARRATIVE. That guy needs to get out of there as it is not worth his life assuming he is still ok.

  2. Looks bad…. devils 🥑 is that Russia could've took him out which causes Ukraine to end up looking like they're taking out anyone that opposes the narrative. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. I have no clue, just a thought.

  3. Got barred off twitter again, that's my 27 new I'd n email just to rev up the lefties! I got photos of pfizer at warragambaha dam in Aust? Next thing we get floods to clean the dams n water?

  4. He is way dumb to be drinking his ass off and talking shit about the regime since the war started. He had a good channel and always made some good points that phased off lefties but he has been so reckless it’s crazy. Not wishing anything bad for him but he should have left weeks ago. And if not he should have not been literally challenging the regime right near the capital.

  5. When It come to Ukraine Salty Cracker is wrong. He's right on almost everything else but not this issue. This war needs to end. The loss of innocent people is horrible.

  6. Damn I've followed this guy for quite a few years, always had some sensible stuff to say about life . . . Always knew he lived in Ukraine, he talked about it a few times throughout the years. During the war he was a very sensible voice, with actual views from the ground.

    I really hope he's ok.

  7. this looks ominously like the time when the jews declared war on germany because their candidate lost the presidency. everything was great between the jews and germans up until that point. and then the whole world would descend upon germany. Russia has no choice but to defend herself. youve got the bio labs. then youve got the united states military bases that would be set up along russias boarder. ukraine never shouldve joined nato.

  8. Terrible thing, but what do you expect from the enemy, Ukraine is being run by Nazi Fourth Reich. Biden is a treasonous criminal and must be arrested. Biden is sending billions of the people's tax money to this Deep State admin to protect his assets how can the people of America allow this criminal to continue.

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