Gonzalo Lira: Russia CAPTURES Canadian General With AZOV NAZIS In Ukraine?

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Gonzalo Lira: Russia CAPTURES Canadian General With AZOV NAZIS In Ukraine?

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  1. Please Jackson look into the #WinnipegLab and the connection with the Chinese Govt. I'm begging man…we need someone with a big platform and be fucked if David Dull or his kid Availias will look into it. I'd appreciate it so much

  2. Americans and or ppl who live in the west need to be de-brainwashed themselves seriously. Thank you Jackson for all your efforts, hope everyone in the west get well informed abt these. It is concerning really. We hate to argue with brainwashed ppl by MSM propaganda and the lies.

  3. just a point of language: Ihor and Igor are the same thing and just reflect how Russians and Ukrainians pronounce the letter "ge".
    It is just a voiced/unvoiced version of the same thing. Its a bit of a thing how you pronounce it. Nominally Russians should pronounce it as a G, but in the south of Russia they would use H. If you change all G to H in Russian, you get closer to Ukrainian. So Gorbachev and Gorbachev are just the same thing. Brezhnev spoke Russian often like a Russian from the south using H, which kind of says he's from the sticks.

    Beside this. there is transliteration issues, so how one writes a cyrillic letter in English with vary based on the scheme employed.

    But for Kiev vs Kyiv we are dealing with the nationalists who want Ukrainian to definitely be different from Russian. Yes, we always wrote Kiev in English, until nationalists took over and insisted we adopt a different scheme of naming that they wanted, so names don't derive from the Russian. We don't do this for other things—we call the capital of Russia Moscow, while it is actually Moskva in transliteration from Russian. French call London, Londre, and no one is insisting the French change the French named to sound closer to London. Why we should do this for Ukrainian places just because nationalists took over in (the) Ukraine irks me. But we did it for China, changing Peking to Beijing. Its more dramatic in Ukrainian as well because the nationalists also changed lots of names to de-Russify place names. Another aspect of the tensions between the east and west of Ukraine. Sigh.

  4. Even low ranking guys like a corporal from a western signal intelligence unit are expressly forbidden from travelling to eastern Europe for years after their service ends.. for Generals like this to be there?? Theres is no question they were acting in some official capacity.

  5. Claiming a Jew, (being born of a Jewish mother, ) cannot support nazis is as flawed as claiming a mass murderer couldn't possibly be guilty as his mother was a nurse.
    Remember Genrikh Yagoda, head of Stalin' NKVD was born a Jew and responsible for more deaths than AH. I'll bet his mother didn't approve. Then look at the 1930s gangsterism and Jewish representation, then look at most of israel's leaders all guilty of crimes against humanity.

  6. I don't understand how they waited for Russians to come to them? I get that Russians did a lot of dumb things that costed them dearly, but this is really embarrassing beyond comprehension. Were they thinking they can fend off Russia there?

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