Good Luck Finding out the Truth on Ukrainian Biolabs

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  1. Fuck me, I have a level 3 bio lab down the road, in New Zealand. Likely your local University has one too, get a fucking grip. I worked in a level 2 lab in a previous job. You really really are making a mountain out of a molehill on this one. For example, in NEW ZEALAND we make new strains of tuberculosis, in the lab, to test treatments for…… Tuberculosis. Russia is laughing at you.

  2. Punching in the actual address (2/4 Tserkovna Street, Odes'ka Oblast, Odessa) gives a big blue building with a name in Cyrillic. Putting that name into translate gave:


    The building that the boys were looking at is a port, apparently. That sign doesn't say 'medical laboratory' exactly.

  3. Really hope I'm wrong, but seeing that that WEF and Gates have warned of a future more dangerous pandemic, and have alluded to it in their manifesto – Covid 22. Is anybody else getting a dim light bulb moment – can't be China again, but Russia are now ultra evil, anything is possible. Wouldn't be surprised if Pfizer is already working on a vaccine – am I being ridiculous, God, I hope so……

  4. What's concerning is how deeply involved the swamp is in Ukraine. Biden and Pelosi's useless children both had jobs there for some fucking reason and Biden is on video admitting he was withholding government aid from them unless they obeyed his order to fire a judge who was investigating his son {HIGHLY ILLEGAL). Now combine that corruption in government with their support of puppy-torturing, corona varus producing Fauci. What were those labs doing?

  5. the amount of control they were able to seize during covid sowed the seeds for armageddon. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A NEW BIOLOGICAL THREAT ON THE HORIZON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you will FOREVER live under threat of a threat.

    …its time lads….

  6. The Russians are telling the truth and america and the "west" is focused on Russian disinformation but yet they actually have bio labs in Ukraine yet they still deny and lie…america needs to wiped off this planet to stop there propaganda and nefarious plans

  7. There is a small but non-zero chance you've just handed Russia some pretty good intel here. I laugh at that, but I believe it, given their 'plan' of attack (sorry, aggressive defence) so far.

  8. Remember when the Yellow Plague was totally 100% fact-checker approved proven that it had originated from a disgusting and unsanitary meat market instead of a lab? And how that's never brought up as "misinformation" despite the left being so desperate to sling that word?

    The record really does nothing but skip, huh? I'd make a reference to the definition of insanity, but we've been in an asylum for a good while now.

  9. Well, of course, there are biolabs in Ukraine. I mean every fucking country has them and they aren't all dedicated to making chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction. But Putin just wants more excuses to take over all of Ukraine. So they are "Evil Biolabs".

  10. If these labs and their "information" were harmless, the US government wouldn't be worried.

    It seems they're afraid of the "information" that might be captured.

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