GOOD NEWS about Linton-on-Ouse.


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  1. Give all of the dear "migrants" a fabulous, all expense paid one-way trip to their countries of origin on one of Britain's luxurious, modern troop transports. 😁
    Britain for the Britons. Make Britain Great Again.

  2. In a sleepy crime free Midwest town of 7,000…the local Liberal cesspool imported several hundred Section 8 folks…not a job within 10 miles. Crime is through the roof now. Nobody on the streets after dark…car highjackings…woman on the main street with her young son in her trunk after shooting him 9 times with a shotgun etc…NOT sleepy anymore. Woke!

  3. This seems to be happening in a lot of countries. It’s about time for us to ALL UNITE against these globalists. We are under siege here in America…drugs and violent criminals pouring over the border. God bless you guys!

  4. Citizens are just going to start enforcing laws themselves. It's clear that we can no longer rely on the "authorities," especially since they are actively working against the very citizenry that they are supposed to serve.

  5. The fact they were hiring people to prepare for "Deaths" says it all to me. The government willingly knows these people are going to harm native Brits and they don't give a shit. They just want to minimise the impact by having a bunch of useless government workers standing around virtue signalling.

  6. Cold truth is its better to assume all politicians are the same until proven otherwise. They might talk about changing policy but they are more likely to just plow ahead.

  7. The idea that a new leader will come along and be rational is not at all aligned with reality. Make no mistake, whoever the next Prime Minister is will be every bit as incompetent as the last and will ensure this plan of internal destruction is completed/

  8. If they think a new PM is going to do one single thing differently they have another think coming. Almost all the candidates are 'diverse and no doubt will be hand picked and trained WEF pupoets who will make Tredeau look all warm and fluffy

  9. When a few of these Savages are mysteriously found floating face down in the local river/lake/pond the government might reconsider their decisions. Stuff like that can happen when you are not familiar with new surroundings.

  10. My aunty will be 76 years old in two months born 1947, she was also never asked back in the 60's about mass immigration and how it could effect them. My aunty said the small town was peaceful and people left their doors open and it was tidy and a very friendly place with zero crime, all the local shops owned by white english families that have been their for centuries and had to work hard to get to those positions.

    Fast forward to today the place is unrecognizable with high crime and its been left to rot by the council as the original council fled back in the late 90's after arguments with the mayor and those that replaced them are middle eastern, go figure. Almost all shops now are non white english and owned by middle easterners, part of the towns business is also owned by the chinese government as david cameron opened a loop hole during his time as prime minister.

    But hey paul, diversity is our strength!.

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