Good Will Smith

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Written by I'm not Norm


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  1. A humane reaction would have been to comfort the wife. That single act alone would have acknowledged her feelings, soothed the tension and butthurt (she DID laugh at jokes directed towards others, so you can’t say she felt INSULTED) and turned the crowd in their favor.

    NOW, not only is the wife STILL butthurt, now she has to deal with the baggage of this new twist on the situation. Unhandled emotions with more crap added on top. Great fucking job Will Smith. Way to set an example for millions.

  2. Jada Pinkett Smith is here. Hey, she may be a vegetarian but she's still full of bologna in my book.

    Btw, did anyone catch Artie's Joey Diaz-like laugh? Is that what happens when you do lots of coke in New Jersey? Entangled. Disney's Entangled. Tangled. Tango. In tango. Intangled Jell-O shapes. I think I'm stoned. Yep, definitely stoned. Yo, Will Smith slapped The Rock in the face. That was insane. He took it like a champ. I'm still glad I didn't watch Oscar though. Don't really care for him or his erect posturing. Hey, Oscar try doing some squats for a change. Who was there? Amy Schumer. That's enough reason not to watch it.

  3. I saw meme with Norm on his SNL news segment and the caption was:
    "And on Hollywood news: Actor Will Smith slapped fellow actor Chris Rock live in the Academy Award gala after he made an awful joke about his wife's hair loss.
    This shows a new side of Mr Smith not know to the public and undoubtly worries us all.
    Because if that's his reaction to a joke, then just imagine what would happen if another man fucked her!"
    I can just hear Norm reading it in my head.

  4. That was not good.
    Many black pages on Facebook are ashamed. If it was a white comedian he wouldn't have done it. Get it?
    He made a film about black empowerment yet he humiliates himself and one of his own.
    It was a joke, even Norm made rude jokes and nobody slapped him.

  5. Lol young buck stabbed a guy at the hip hop awards in 2004 for punching Doctor dre.
    The fresh prince slaps the HOST of the oscars for making a joke about his bald 50 something year old wife who bangs 22 year olds under his nose and announces it to the world.
    Keepin it gangsta will 🙄 God damn this worlds gone insane

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