Google Allows For-Profit Corporation NBC to Cause them to Delist their Competitor

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  1. Eurocentrism, Classical Liberal Values, America, Non-America, Transcendence
    The path America is headed on is out of the inner hatred for their own European ancestry, and the European is guilty of trying to relentlessly inculcate the "right-wing" of America [by doing what anyone can plainly do…play the money shuffling game…it's a canard, and you've all fallen for it. Dumbasses.

  2. Never forget China needs to end. Before they end US. By Their people. Preserve USA or the world will turn into a raging shit-fire storm.

  3. Where in history have we seen big business working with government to suppress individual freedoms & control their behavior? Fascist Germany & Italy & communist Russia.

  4. I like your last line. They don't pay their taxes, but… that about sums up liberals. They don't even understand what being liberal actually means. But they'll join in the cultural Marxism and praise it. Rather strange sea of contradictions.

  5. It's not the first time PayPal joined in on a good old media lynching. I don't trust PayPal at all most likely they are in on it and fully cooperating, not just being pressured.

  6. Is it true Bill "MS Monopoly" Gates fortune doubled since he founded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? If so charity is very profitable endeavor?

  7. This was my point as soon as this happened. Some congressmen announced that they were looking into a possible anti trust case against google for it, but nobody even mentions NBC other than as background to explain why google took the action they did. NBC are the ones that petitioned to have direct competitors eliminated from a marketplace. That is precisely the activity anti trust law was enacted to prevent. People do a lot of mental gymnastics trying to make a case that one entity or another violated the "spirit" of anti trust law, but no such gymnastics are needed for NBC in this case. They flagrantly violated the letter of the law.

  8. These huge companies actually do believe in leftist economics, for the reason that they are already on the top. Leftist economics views current economic situations as eternally static and will enact law that secures the position of huge companies. Why is Bezos a proponent of $15/hr? Because he knows that he can afford it, but everyone else below him can't.

  9. While I do agree that some of it is about money, I hope you'll agree at some point that there is much more to it than that. Some have been heavily funding and plotting the attempted takeover of our representative democracy. The goal is much more than simply wealth acquisition.