Google BANS Youtube Competitor! This Is ABSURD!

Blatant violations of anti-trust continue to happen at google & this needs to stop. This monopoly needs to be put in check or broken up

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  1. Election is rapidly approaching; Big Tech has to keep alt tech out of the competition to maintain control of the narrative.. otherwise people might vote for a candidate not approved by them.

  2. I've heard many B.S. actions involving companies, mainly gaming and occasionally corpos like Google.

    But the fact that all it took to place them in the crosshairs of a lawsuit, was for them to ban a growing site that could oppose THEIR content site, that places the blame on the people who built the site in the first place & restricts them… Only to leach of their popularity to grow their ego ):/

    But hearing THIS… It fills me with hope… Hope that the tamers can break-in these stallions, we've ridden for so long (:)


  3. Soon, Big Tech across the board will facing a Crimes Against Humanity tribunal!! Mark them words! Try to censor "them words" all you may, Google, but the reality WILL bite soon enough, and all the world will witness it going down: live & uncensored!

  4. If you want to break youtube's power, then you have to break google's power. Stop using google! Just stop. Use Bing instead. Bing pays you for every search. You earn points, which can be redeemed for gift cards.

  5. At one point you kept saying that library would never be the new YouTube, bitchute would never be the new YouTube. But do we want it to be the “New YouTube” or do we want the “old YouTube”?

  6. Why would Google allow a competitive app on their app store? It would be like VW being told they have to sell Fiats at VW dealerships, or forcing Apple to allow the Google Play app on the iTunes store…

  7. Of course…they need to keep people on platforms controlled by small hats (like youtube) so they can continue to force woke propaganda on people, ban people that speak against it, and advance their NWO agenda

  8. Always complaining about YouTube and I get it. But Jeremy, nothing is going to change when you and other YouTubers keep making YouTube grow by using it. You actually contribute to YouTube winning on this, small part but it's a bigger picture here.

  9. Gretzky said you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
    Of course YouTube will never get taken down if no one tries.
    That's why we have to ignore the naysayers. They're either black pilled/apathy cases, trolls, or are being funded by the Apple/Google Duopoly.

  10. This is a calculated move. Google pushes its agenda during a time when U.S. politicians are too busy with elections, vacancies in the SCOTUS, riots and a pandemic. The fact that no other unified government penalizes these tech companies shows how bleak the situation is becoming. They need to be broken up before they fully control the entire digital sector.