Google Is Shuttering Diversity Programs, Conservatives And “The Right’ Are WINNING The Culture War

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  1. Are they rolling back diversity programs to avoid being seen as anti-conservative? Or is it because the programs are failing?

    I worked for a tech company in the recruiting department. We had standard minimum requirements for hiring recent college grads. They must have had a minimum GPA of 3.3, and the college they graduated from needed to be a real 4 year accredited university with on campus classes. In other words, we did not take online degrees or other such technical pieces of paper.

    The problem though was that these minimum requirements were not equally applied. You see….the higher ups were very aware of our diversity "issues". We were 90%+ male(like almost all tech companies), and of these men, most were white or Asian.

    So….we pushed for women and non-asian minorities. You see….. all were supposedly held to those minimum standards, but the truth is, if a candidate was an Asian or white male, they were not going to get an interview unless they had at least a 3.5 GPA from a respectable University, and they still weren't likely getting a job offer unless they were closer to 3.8 or they knew somebody. On the other hand, if a candidate was a non-Asian minority, they were pretty much automatically given an interview if they met the minimum requirements, unless they had a criminal record for something other than a little weed. And those candidates were pretty much instantly offered a job if they had a GPA in the 3.5 or above range, regardless of how bad the interview might have gone. In order to find non-Asian FEMALE minority candidates, we often disregarded our standards and "rounded up" on that GPA or made concessions on the "college" they graduated from, in order to get them in for an interview. If they actually met the minimum requirements, they were pretty much guaranteed a job offer…..the interview process was just a formality. There just aren't a lot of good candidates out there.

    And what do you think happens when white and non-asian males come into a workforce with higher credentials? Well they're going to on average be more qualified, and will be more likely to end up getting promoted. And those non-asian minority and female employees who did get hired legitimately without having to get in with lowered standards, will unfortunately find that their coworkers doubt their achievements and may find it more difficult to be taken seriously. IMO, it's a lose/lose all around. I get why these recruiting departments do this, but in the end I think it only hurts minorities and females in the industry.

  2. Google: "In light of recent laswuits and general public disgrace, we've decided to adopt more ethical hiring practices."

    The left: *giant tantrum.

  3. What is winning on the right side. First would be massive lay offs in the pubic sector. Massive chunks of it would have to go, most public sector jobs would ether have to be automated or given to private contracts, this would wipe out the major power base of the left being the pubic sector unions.

    Second, all diversity and inclusion programs would need to go from universities and most of humanities would need to be stripped of all pubic funding. Science would need to go from what is politically correct to what science was when it was actual science (when we discovered things) before the 1960s.

    Third, massive social changes around how we as a society view traditional marriage and family, from the lefts view that traditional marriage is oppression for women to the institute of life long marriage between man and woman for the purposes of raising the next generation being the most importation institution in society.

    We are far from winning in this battle.

  4. 9:50 "Hiring people simply because of their race is very, very weird." I can understand preferential hiring practices for something like an ethnic restaurant. The owners will want to go with the theme. That's discrimination, but I don't think it's harmful.

  5. We all know what happens next after conservatives get a fake victory. Burn the country to the ground. Liberals are demons. Literal wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  6. I think Google realized the program was useless and caused more trouble than it was worth. Given recent interviews with Google execs who agree with the fired engineer’s views, it becomes clear they lost a valuable team member who was only trying to help improve the program.

  7. I'm a 46 year old Hispanic, in my life I have met only one Hispanic person with a degree in computer science. Just one ! It's ok to have diversity programs, but for what ? The reality is we aint into that shit.

  8. See this is what I don't get…most middle class minorities dont care about these weird April types….she speaks for people that probably dont even like her…duh…..

  9. Wow, Damore having won, and not only getting paid off, but also shutting its more extreme Cultural Marxist programs down, would be great. But now the NBC fascist racist diversity activists are trying to strike back. Great report, great analysis.

  10. Fuck google. For the rest of my life I will NEVER forget just how literally racist they were against me for the way i was born and look. I been here a while and ill be here a while longer and will continue to tell my stories of these people of these times. Fuck google.

  11. Imagine telling your friends (if they have any) that they got the job because there disabled or ethically diffrent.
    That's embarrassing, get a job your GOOD at!

  12. At some point, somebody at Google (perhaps one of the three major stockholders – three out of five of the top investors – which are investment funds) decided that #1 there would be a parade of lawsuits over this and #2 that these programs were a vast money-pit, and that there were better ways to attract people they want to via 'diversity programs'.

  13. this is so dumb it has nothing to do with backlash from conservatives, its just the programs are utterly pointless waste of time. company is there to provide some service or product all this did was reduce productivity.

  14. Their just trying to make believe they appear philosophically diverse before the FCC section 230 hammer falls. It's sad that the whining employees that are crying for diversity only mean that to be applied to skin color and those not like minded(way left) need not apply! They claim to despise what the Nazi's stand for, but they embrace the same closed minded contempt for anyone else who doesn't think the same way!

  15. The right wing will never win, until they start going after the Marxist infiltration in our universities. These identitarian individuals need to be removed, or the universities dismantled. One policy that would help is to refuse federal student loans for degrees in universities that are infested with critical theory and Cultural Marxism. It is from here that all of the radical leftist ideology flows into all our institutions. From the media, government, corporations, and non-profit organizations, all of these bad actors are empowered by the universities.

  16. I’m sorry tim. We aren’t even close to winning the culture war. Look at what all of these companies did because of the protests.

  17. Just curious, did anyone see NFL or NBA complain about racism in a sport comprised mostly of black players. They said they didn’t have enough black coaches and team owners. If affirmative action is supposed to be active, well I guess whites, Hispanics and Asians can use affirmative action. The job is not about merit or ability or education but ethnic representation right?