Google’s Hidden CIA Connection – The Full Story

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Script by Fil Zivko

Sources: – The Family Jewels’s%20federal%20division%20called&f=false


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  1. The earth is The Lords and the fullness there of. Kings and kingdoms shall all pass away. Every knee shall bow and proclaim that Jesus is Lord. Only what you have done for Christ shall last.

  2. I wonder why and how the owners of this platform allow you to publish this info.
    And I remind you that the web was stated up by darpa with the goal of snooping on people , mostly on dissidents.
    No AI is helping them.

  3. I think everyone knows the CIA links now! I suspect all the Alphabet organisations and tech companies are linked with military too!

  4. My grandson works for the CIA. Knowing his mother I am sure he lives under delusions. Will not talk w his dad for years. He apparently has bought the fiction by this nonwife credit card addicted mother who believed she married a cash machine. Bought herself a $100 dress for his college graduation before he started his job.. She never got up to fix her husband breakfast or lunch. He was mechanical engineer who lived for his kids. She never got up to cook him breakfast, nor fixed him lunch or did his laundry. She would call him at work at auto factory and demand he come home to watch kids cause there was a sale at a store. Called police on me after huge drama scene saying he loved daughter more than her. I tried to explain difference of man's love for child and wife. Wish his father love him that much. She would change clothes mid day then ask him what she had been wearing. Took kids to women's shelter when he tried to stop her maxing out credit card. Kept him broke and had only learned to cook corn dogs. She tore his life up. My Christian based therapist said she was "evil" . That I saw. She broke my son.
    So Tim get human and call your dad. You live a delusion. Scares me to think such cold son works for the CIA.

  5. If your not a threat your not the problem. Humans are entering the Golden Age , the 5th Age.
    Things have to come to a head before trans-dimensional shift. Hang on, it's going to be ok. They can have the 3rd dimension!! I'll move on thank you.?

  6. Any idea about the number of victims of the terrorists at CIA (or Capitalism, as US should have called it of it had an iota of honesty)?
    PS. USA is also a member of the world's largest terrorist organisation – NATO.

  7. And now the CIA is interfering with our american elections and attacking citizens. And our tax dollars pay the CIA. Are we really going to pay these guys to ruin us??? That just sounds dumb.

  8. Why has Google for years worked in China supposably, our enemy / Communism, etc. To create the Surveillance Society. Because they wanted to test it first, before bring it to America. Most people are just too dumb to understand. Google, Alphabet Corp, CIA, etc., with computer technology is walking everyone into Transhumanism, because these security charlatans have the Integrity of Parasites. Globalism and Transhumanism. A True Battle between Good and Evil. The many fascinated with technology think it's going to be good for them.