Google’s Leaked Antiracism Training

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  1. Ooo "anti racism" meaning racism to both white and black people white for openly discriminating against them racist against black people because the bigotry of low expectations…honestly disgusting tbh

  2. This begs the question, will Google follow through on it's "enlightened" racially motivated Marxist ideology and redistribute all of it's wealth and power amongst it's "marginalized" employees?
    Now I'm no expert but I'm going to guess the answer would be .. no.

  3. About that wheel… So, if you fall into the middle, the 'power zone' if you will, then they take all your supposed power and privilege away by denying you the right to speak, harassing you and whatever else, so you end up being marginalized anyway… so… Everyone becomes marginalized in some way or another in the end? Well, I suppose except that those who were in the 'power zone' become actively discriminated against, so they potentially have less power than even those in the marginalized zone.
    Circular firing squad?

  4. Hitler : "Heinrich, watcha doin'?"
    Himmler : "Not much, bro. Pretty bored TBH"
    Hitler : "Yeah, me and Eva are SO bored too."
    Himmler : "Sucks, man."
    Hitler : "Blurgh."
    Himmler : "You got any ideas?"
    Hitler : "IDK You wanna invade & annex Austria, and incorporate it into the Reich?"
    Himmler : "Could do. Seems like a lot of work, though."
    Hitler : "Yeah, yeah. We wouldn't be bored though."
    Himmler : "True dat."

  5. Well if these Leftists can call Larry Elder the blackface of White Supremacy, then it's not a stretch to accuse BShapiro, now we'll get B.S playing victim for a week, as he's 1 of the most disliked folk's on the Right(allegedly) getting attacked from the Right (Allegedly), I've heard him loads of times telling us how much (far-right) hate him?? I can't confirm or deny that, but he certainly likes to rattle-on about it.

  6. whites are the champions of the world, so Leftists need to get over it, because whites were the first to separate Church and State, and embrace science and technology with a passion, in addition to conceptualizing and practicing human rights, civil rights, women's rings, gay rights, trans rights, animal rights, etc., just for starters. Leftists are lost.

  7. why the fuck are these people so obsessed with slavery. Noone of them not even there grandparents were a slave. Also not only black people were slaves whites aswell fucking hell tilting….. GET OVER IT

  8. The CEO of Alphabet Inc, Sundar Pichai, has a program in Google to educate his white employees about how privileged they are compared to a person of color such as himself… makes perfect sense.

  9. So Shapiro, a Jewish man who, along with his family, has been the recipient of death threats from white supremacist groups over the years, is himself a gateway to white supremacy according to the people over at Google. It really causes you to wonder who the ACTUAL political/societal extremists are nowadays doesn’t it?

  10. It's quite ridiculous that the same vocal minority of the US claiming that the US has a racism problem are the same people who voted for a President whom they watched being called a racist on live TV by his soon to be VP Kamala Harris.

  11. How does that pyramid work in countries like Africa or Pakistan? It's interesting to see how all these people at the top with power, crying about lack of power, are not white. So even when they have power, it seems it's still not enough for them.

  12. “Everything in American history is related to slavery.” Ah! I knew it! Those tectonic plates shifted because they knew that there would be slavery implemented on a continent in that area!

  13. I watched a video last week where Adam Conover said literal h○○kers did more to build the US than just all men in general. These cults don't even put thought into their doctrine. Its just the same ol' bigoted "waha dis group i don't like".

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