GOP Candidate Makes Spicy Election Ad


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  1. I don’t live in the same state, but I’ll vote for him anyway. It’s legal now. I just have to make sure my vote shows up to the tally building at 3 am in a cereal box full of other votes.

  2. Whatever, just secure that in KKK they don't have ARs. For colaterals one gun is better than 13. We talk about shooting in populated area. Or do whatever, it's not my country.

  3. As an American from Southern Oregon, he not only has a point, he’s been saying what we have been saying for years. A handgun and a shotgun in some circumstances simply won’t cut it
    But for fuck’s sake don’t fuck with legal weed (I’m talking about you GOP)

  4. Not so Fun fact the first gun laws passed in the united states were passed by democrats to prevent freed slaves from owning weapons to protect themselves from the klan.

    Now instead of the Klan the dems use ANTIFA to terrorize black communities.

  5. Hellz yes! You never know when those syko democrats will attack. The KKK is scary enough but what if it was Hillary Clinton in black face? I'd shoot B4 asking any ?s.
    My local sheriff's dept is having a fundraiser for the new K9 unit at the municipal golf course. The grand prize of an AR 15 will be raffled off to one lucky citizen, WHOOT WHOOT ✨🪄

  6. Oh, the left CAN and they WILL argue against this unfortunately, because you see, any time the left are proven wrong by reality, they simply deny reality and substitute it with their own. That is how they can call black people and Jews who they don't like "white supremacists" without the slightest hint of irony.

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