GOP Leaves Democrats Speechless With One Question

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  1. I've found that if you come at leftists from a ridiculously extreme leftist position, they'll often retreat to and settle on a pretty conservative/centrist position. I argued with a friend a couple weeks back who has literally been making pro-life signs to protest with recently here in australia where most states allow abortions up to 24 weeks. I argued that since 24 weeks is viable, since inside vs outside the mother isn't a very compelling distinction, since humans are born undercooked, since up until about 3 months after birth babies are really just jiggling lumps of foetus meat with no real senses or personality, we should be able to terminate 3 month olds just like we did for hundreds of thousands of years, leaving the unwanted baby out in the woods, just as nature intended. she ultimately decided that 16 weeks was the sensible cut-off for elective abortions, which is a pretty conservative position here..

  2. my position as for when a life becomes a life, it's at conception, as for when it becomes a person, it's when there's brain activity, for example, if someone suffers brain death that person is considered a vegetable and they can cut life support.

    so in my opinion the fetus becomes a person around the 3rd-4th month, at that point it's a person, before that point abortion should be allowed when the mother wants to, the only reason I consider valid after that is if the mother's life is in danger, then it's self defense.

  3. Doesn't matter though. They'll still speak over eachother, instead of to eachother.
    He might as well call her a beach, nothing would have changed. They don't hear, neither side does.

  4. Since you mention her, there now exists Gretta deep fake pron.. and since deep fakes are very hard to make and takes weeks for a few minutes of video I guess someone must have requested this…yup. Sargon is probably correct in his recent video. I do see the end of the empire.

  5. They're not pro-choice or pro-abortion. They're anti-reproduction. To the activists it's not 'Abortion or not, whatever you decide' but instead they have a correct answer and it is always to not reproduce and they simply need to create avenues of preventing reproduction and to persuade or coerce people into taking those avenues. I think it's a mix of anti-motherhood as an end product of radical feminism and anti-humanism as a result of radical environmentalism.

  6. They could have just said "at birth". – Once it's born, it's a life. This answer would be in line with the radicals who want abortion up until the very last moment.
    The fact that they didn't say "at birth" can only mean one thing: Post-Birth abortions are on the table.

  7. Honestly, you're understating it. I argue with leftists about this all the time and they will happily say the difference is "birth" between a fetus at any stage and a born child. Therefore the unborn are not children. They may say abortion should have its limits, but all of the arguments they make are for, at best, any time before the baby has come all the way out

  8. They literally waited for his time to expire rather than humor him with an answer. Malicious to the core, and they wonder why the average person distrusts and holds such disdain for them.

  9. When I saw the title, I assumed it was "what is a woman?"
    Also, I respectfully disagree: The reason that "the Left can't debate" is…this may not be the most accurate terminology, and I invite a credible expert in the field to correct me, but, the best I can do is "mental handicap." I mean, I don't know what else to call a legitimate inability to perceive much less understand logic itself. It's like the infrared spectrum, a color they can't see. All these words they throw out, "ists," "phobes," etc. to shame others are words they simply chose just because they have the most emotional weight behind them. It's not about choosing the most accurate word, they instead shout the strongest ones they can think of in the moment. It doesn't help that they don't know that many.

  10. when will a valid question be asked? when life begins ? lmao. its a rhetorical question. It is THE debate in the USA now isn't it? Politics and enactment of law is not a debate. they happen before. there is no more debate at the time(s) suggested. Debates are the people. they take place in social media in 2022. its not 1776 no mo'. did you notice there weren't many Reps there? why is that? Political theatre is only that. trying to make that theater relevant in a discussion is not productive to any discourse. its hard to sell tickets for bullshit.

  11. Oh, I'll answer that question for them.
    Since we legally define death as the stopping of the heart, I think it's reason to define life as the beginning of said heartbeat. As far as being legally consistent I think that's fair.

    Now, also being legally consistent id say the feds shouldnt be debating this. Despite being pro choice I'm digusted by the feds stepping into this issue. We have interstate travel, leave it to the states.

  12. I don’t care when life begins. I don’t trust the government with handling this. Just like I don’t trust them regulating the war on drugs.

  13. I don’t care when life begins. I don’t trust the government with handling this. Just like I don’t trust them regulating the war on drugs.

  14. I'm not even pro life but holy Moses, it's pathetic that nobody in that room has actually thought out their position. It's a philosophical question that may not have a straightforward answer, but the fact that nobody could respond shows that they don't actually have a philosophy on this, they just want what they want with no consideration as to whether it's actually reasonable.

  15. Ask it right; when is a f e t u s a person?
    Because initially it is just a t u m o r and we k i l l t u m o r s all the time
    When does the life of a t u m o r start? Who cares

  16. The truth is United States will be stagnant until the liberal Democrat National Communist Party clears out of the white house. They should just dissolve that party all together for after all the Russia Russia Russia collusion federally election committee should find the Democratic National Communist Party to where they cannot run in their criminal political insane antics

  17. "When exactly does a fetus become a person?"

    "I can't answer that because I'm not a doctor."

    "What is a woman?"

    "I can't answer that because I'm not a doctor."

    "What's the effectivity of the typical non-surgical grade face mask people were legally required to wear in public?"

    *I can't answer that because I'm not a doctor."

    "Why are you advocating for and making legislation of things you are not qualified to discuss?"

    No response.

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