GOP NUKES Disney From Orbit Revoking Special Tax Status, Disney Gets Woke Goes Broke As Stock TANKS

GOP NUKES Disney From Orbit Revoking Special Tax Status, Disney Gets Woke Goes Broke As Stock TANKS. Netflix and Disney have embraced woke far left ideology and content and its causing serious pain for investors.

Ron Desantis and the Florida Republicans have targeted Disney over their political activism.

Conservatives are now building parallel economies and infrastructure to challenge big tech and Democrat run establishment press.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. "I don't think I'll ever vote for a Democrat again, I don't really like Republicans, either." ought to be the official motto of Libertarians. Especially since the Libertarian party is mostly a joke

  2. You know, disney should have seen this coming, guess sex with children more important to disney. Anyone with a memory can now understand the little sex things the groomers at disney have been putting their vids. I think I still have some VHS examples.

  3. Wonderful how the left can never understand they are a loud minority who have now been seen by more and more people for what they are, there is a crushing avalanche coming in 2024.

  4. Kevin Mc Carthage is a fraud,and has always been a R.I.N.O..He shared a residence with Frank Luntz, one of the biggest Trump haters around ,and denied this fact ,when Tucker,s people exposed him.However,he was forced to tell the truth when he could no longer keep from continuing to lie.Why would he do this ,if he had nothing to hide.He is a real creepy character,and should never become Speaker ,he does not deserve it,nor has he earned.He certainly would not be competent enough to do the job adequately.Our country is in dire straits,and we need a real Patriot to be Speaker of the House.,and not one more swamp creature in control.We definitely need a third party,Republicans are cowards,but the Democrats have become crazy,radicals ,who have let the Communists infiltrate their party.

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