GOP Rep SHREDS Twitter Exec. For Colluding w/ FBI To Censor Speech

Newly elected Florida Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna has joined the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and in that role recently subjected former Twitter executive Yoel Roth to withering questioning about the social media platform’s collusion with the FBI to censor user speech.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the reckoning that’s finally coming to Twitter for engaging in blatant anti-free speech censorship.

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  1. At 13:22, Jimmy says "And no one in the country is upset about this." "This" means not only 1) the tweet itself by the aho @ Twitter in charge of censorship, claiming that the Trump WH was full of Nazis, but also that 2) no one @ Twitter told the aho to take the tweet down. JD knows the reason no one is upset, which is because here is the first time anyone has heard about this, unless they either watched the live JD show that this excerpt is taken from, or they are a CSPAN junkie. And, of course, as JD also knows, it was buried by the hordes of pro-Corporate Democrat MSM.

  2. Being "held accountable" is only a viable "threat" if you broke the law. If he didn't break the law he has nothing to worry about.
    These people, I swear to God, they're all obsessed with winning in stead of the truth.

  3. I am not sure what would be wrong with Yoel Roth being confused about "JIRA", I work at much smaller company and I am using 5 different JIRA style dev / support platforms with various partners.

  4. The Democrats true colours all shine through. I think she’s worried she is next for the Twitter files. Remember the guy arrested in California for a couple of tweets he posted about her???

  5. Jimmy, why don't you invite some of these people on your show, or maybe you friends could, to talk about this further? Also, why don't you and people like you get behind these repubs seeing as they are doing the things you and other people always talk about?
    Never mind asking Sabby Sabs or any of them black supremacist commies about it! THESE are the important people in Washington. Invite MTG on, or this lady, or Ron DeSantis (seeing how he might very well be the next President)! Invite Tucker on and confront him about some of his 'odious' opinions….

  6. As someone who has been (formerly) elected in municipal government for 7 years… the fact that Jira even exists and that ANY proof that communication had occurred to conduct business between governmental agencies and private organizations… I…. I literally have no words. I watched the majority of this video with my mouth open wide in shock. This is so profound, and the reaction of the committee is flabbergasting. The only appropriate response would be to express concern and to investigate further. It's such a crying shame, so many of the general public with little understanding of the laws in which public officials operate might not understand the gravity of this committee hearing and the implications that such evidence being presented represents. Everyone in this country needs to know this happened and how tailored the media that is being force fed to us is. Thank you Jimmy and your crew for doing your due diligence.

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