GOP’s Midterm Weapon Is Corp WOKENESS: Ryan Grim & Emily Jashinsky

Partner at CGCN group, Sam Geduldig, weighs in on GOP focuses heading into the midterms.

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  1. Just as the Democratic party has shifted into the party that doesn't represent the working and middle class. It's a very opportune time for the Republicans to step into the vacuum and actually represent the majority middle and working class. My hope is they do and they do not nominate Donald Trump to run for president 2024. Ron Desantis would be an exceptional president and a winner for the country. By the time 2024 rolls in we are going to need a win.

  2. Time will tell. However, even if it is just posturing it may open up a door for Democrats who do want to help to move in and take advantage of the change and visa versa.
    Again time will tell.

  3. Meh, corporate money is as corporate money does. It seems like the Republican party is acting more like a jilted lover than anything else. We've all seen it… the moment that the opportunity to come back comes, they will come running. The culture war is perfectly acceptable sacrifice to get what the corporations want. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

  4. It's funny when republican come up with these 3 letter acronym issues they don't understand for talking points. You know crt, esg, etc etc. Then you ask them to explain what it is and they don't know what they are talking about. For example woke started in the Civil rights movement in the sixties and king was a social justice warrior. The talking points today have nothing to do with the real thing from history yet Republicans have succeeded in redefining it .

  5. Democrats are strong and will "Vote Blue No Matter Who." The Democrats who claim to be joining Republicans are doing so only so they can vote in Republican primaries for wacky worst candidates. They'll vote Democrat in November, and '24. Democrats will pay as they have before for serious ads for these wacky Republicans. McCaskill and others did do.

  6. I think Republicans should be discriminating in which corporations they target and destroy. If they tear down the entire corporate structure Republicans could be blamed for economic hardship experienced in heartland America. On the other hand, if Republicans want to get rough with corporations at the risk of damage to the overall economy, they should do so while a Democrat has the presidency, because the voters always blame the party of the holder of the White House.

    A good example of a corporation to target is Unilever. Republicans should reject Unilever's offer to sell its Israel Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream business to the current franchise holder in Israel. Instead, Republicans should insist that Unilever sell the entire Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream company to the state of Israel for a fire sale price to avoid Republicans at the state level slapping an anti-Semitism sin tax on all Unilever products in line with alcoholic beverage taxes. In my state for instance, alcohol is taxes at a little over $8 per gallon. I have proposed that since the actual alcohol content of an alcoholic beverage is usually not more than 50%, as in bottled in bond Bourbon, that a gallon of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream should be taxed at over $16 dollars per gallon because it is 100% anti-Semitic.

    Another company against which Republicans should bring to it's knees is Coca-Cola. It should be soft drink non grata everywhere Republicans control until James Quincy is fired or quits.

    Republicans should pick the most egregious examples and show what happens when companies make themselves Republican targets. It would put business on notice that when you become a political entity you will be treated as a political entity.

  7. Hmm….if only Republicans had worked with DJT when he was POTUS, but Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell did nothing to help him and the American people. Now look where we are.

  8. If the next turning doesn't include dissolving the fed and withdrawing from EVERY "we are the world" group, giving them another vote is a waste of time.

    The Fed created this nightmare by printing all that thin air money and secretly propping up wall street YET AGAIN when they should have let them go bankrupt.
    And look where we are now
    Since the fed announced they were going to cut back on buying assets, we are facing another great recession because everything is overpriced and all those bubbles that created even more wealth for the most wealthy, are about to burst and everything is gong to grind to a halt yet again.

  9. The TDS must be strong w/go boy Ryan Grim .. and the hosts on the hill are no more bipartisan than are politics are, as they are ALL just as much of a never Trumper as any deep state/democrat is ……

  10. Lol and then he said “republicans are going to help people”

    Bahahahahahaha I’ve never seen or heard of such a pile of BS

    The best part is that everything this guy is critiquing corporations and Dems for is a lack of real ESG, with a huge focus on the G.

  11. I'll start voting republican for the first time AFTER they start coming down on corporations, but not before. No votes for democrats probably ever again, but maybe no votes for anyone. We'll see how things work out 🤞🤞🤞

  12. This guy is either purposely lying or is an idiot that I wouldnt even ask for directions to the highway.
    We have seen this so many times before, the GOP lies and just like Dems they will say whatever will bring in more votes yet will vote only to serve the 1%

  13. Okay Boomer Ryan… SMH, he still hasn’t figured out what the parties are currently. I see this a lot from older Gen X’ers and Boomers. They’re stuck in politics from 20+ years ago. The parties have changed dramatically. Try and keep up.

  14. I'm sorry but was Mr. Geduldig asleep when the 2017 tax cuts for rich people happened? Yeah dude, that was Trump's signature policy achievement and here this guy is talking about "this reflexive idea that Republicans are just going to give tax cuts to corporations not being true." Why is it not true now when it was true in 2017 under what was supposed to be a transformational presidency?

  15. The trump tax cut was done for cooperations to creat more jobs and it worked, also small business got tax cut too and this tax cut helped in creatiing a huge jobs boom in the USA . Unfortunately this cooperations decided to go woke and started cancelling everyone who refused to be woke. This will lead to their downfall because the Dems will not be in power for too long to protect them

  16. That's awesome now show everyone what
    exactly republicans pass that's for working
    people? I can agree that democrats are
    becoming elitist but to assume the
    republicans party will go against
    corporations has to be the dumbest take
    ever. Also just looking at that republican
    strategist was just reading his talking
    points off a paper. Honestly they were
    better off just interviewing someone from
    Fox News lol he also mentioned how
    corporations hasn't been donating a lot
    like they use to them. So what republicans
    plan to retaliate until start back donating
    more money to them?

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