Got a Licence for Those Fish and Chips?

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  1. Harry, you’d lose 80% of your content with no dissing on the US OR hoping, encouraging and beseeching US not to give up and give in. Yes, you’d have lost something in the deal. You need us and we’re thankful you have our back.

  2. I have my suspicions that we are already eating lab grown meat – just think about how many chicken breasts that are in a Supermarket, then think how many supermarkets there are in the UK, add on top of that KFC, McDs, resteraunts etc. etc. – Where are all these chickens? Same with beef, pork etc.

  3. Well as a actual Farmer and there for a real expert on you know taking care of the environment to produce more food and money for myself. Do not listen too these stupid city folk experts who live in concrete hellholes and hide from their destruction of society behind walls and armed guards.

  4. UK GOV alledges "The most dangerous offenders – such as those found guilty of preparing or carrying out acts of terrorism where lives were lost or at risk – now face a minimum of 14 years in prison and up to 25 years on licence, with stricter supervision." WHAT DO YOU CALL MESSING WITH FLAMABLE FUEL AT PETROL STATIONS. they wont because its part of the communist agenda.

  5. I bet every last one of them (who were old enough) voted remain. Further, I bet not one of them kicked up a fuss that half of Europe was fishing our waters into oblivion for decades under the EU swindle.

  6. Chitin, the stuff that insects are mostly made of at nearly every course of their life, and the same stuff that shellfish exoskeletons are made of like crab leg, lobster tail and shrimp shells, has been studied as a potential low-risk carcinogen. Now, compare how much chitin you accidentally swallow when bitting a cocktail shrimp a bit close to the tail compared to the whole chitinous exoskeleton they expect you to eat from roasted bugs like crickets or grubs. Even crushed down into a powdered extract form, you're eating 100% of the chitin.

    And yet when the time comes to lead by example, what will they be seen eating? Probably veal and otorton.

  7. The most based thing I ever saw was many years ago in Norway. I saw a t-shirt labeled World Wildlife Food, and had a whale harpooned by the Norwegian flag with the caption “If we had dolphins, we’d eat them too.”

  8. Okay am i out of my mind for proposing the monarch gets some power back?

    Not going back to imperial, but give them the power to fire a politicians if they act against the countries interests and intervene in government institutions if they act partisan or don't do their job. Grooming gangs in Britain, would be nice if someone could just say "hey do your damn job or heads gonna role" and follow through if they don't. Wouldn't mind that here in Denmark then politician that breaks the law can be fired on the spot

  9. The dirty little secret of government licenses is that they exist solely to give the government the means to deny basic rights to the people as a means of asserting dominance. Abolish government licensing.

  10. Most Vegans nowadays are fueled by nothing but narcissistic arrogance. Their sole reason is not for "personal health", but for the perceived opportunity for a virtue flex. Absolutely PATHETIC people.

  11. The canteen in my office building were doing a chilli con carne earlier this week. They described it as ‘30% less beef’ as though it were a marketing point / USP. I just can’t parse the logic. Is it 30 vegan, 70 meat, thus satisfying nobody? Is it 30 less chilli, creating an imbalance with the amount of rice? Are they cutting the good mince with filler to bulk it out, thus creating inferior meat?

    I can’t see a single reason why this is better than just making a normal chilli con carne.

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