Government demands an all-female construction team (Rant)

#auspol #construction #heisesays
Because female quotas is important and to hell with project costs and discrimination.


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  1. Im a scaffolder, my dads a scaffolder, my little brother is a scaffolder. Victoria requires woman in your company to get government contracts, so my little sister became a scaffolder aswell. She tried really hard and wanted to do well but in the end she doesn't want to be a scaffolder, it was to hard for her unfortunately. Lucky blokes who do it for as a career were sat a home so woman who have never done the job can take their spot. Absolute garbage.

  2. I just want the best person for the job. These politicians can have a full female workforce build their home. Put your money where your mouth is. 😜 See how that works out for you!

  3. This is the ACT State Govt, not Federal (makes title a little misleading). Fair enough on quotas, but it 1000% sexist to exclude all males from management, and shows what their real sexist intentions are. People who are overly ideological & have a chip on their shoulder (regardless of gender), are probably going to have that interfer with the quality of their work.

  4. I think Jordan Peterson said when he was debating something about gender equality at leadership/management levels… “how come there’s never a debate for gender equity amongst bricklayers?”

  5. I totally agree with most of the commentators. I did fencing with my brother and he could put 3 posts in to my 2. Men have more muscle and are thus much faster at the work. The demand that women do the work flies in the face of reality. I have also done painting work where my height (1.5m) was a real disadvantage, especially when combined with smaller biceps to wield the tools. SMH

  6. Its all to ruin anything Men are naturally built to do…cause conflict…attack the straight man….Feminists are females who wish they were born men…they dont embrace who they naturally are….thus they make it a career to ruin anythin men do….and becuase men are not standing up against this…theu are succeeding in destructing society

  7. Its not about how good you are when working for a corporation nor how much work you do now…be asian, indian, gay, or a feminist and your career is made!

  8. We are living in a time where government have duped women into waiting so long to have kids that they cant, normalcy of killing the unborn next generation, destroying family happiness and unity and minimizing men into meek pathetic soy boys. Australia under labor is just like Biden America, working for globalist bankers who increasingly are stealing our sovereignty through privatization of assets that are paid for by the taxpayers. We pay to build, they privatize it and sell it for pennies on the dollar, or lease it for huge losses. As Assange said, the role of government is to steal money from the public and funnel it to private corporations headed up by the same people. With more women on building sites what could go wrong? Lets see how they go physically.

  9. And here I was talking to a supervisor today about calling out shit trades so our jobs can be better……nope, it's the vagina, that's what will make the industry better. More vaginas = better

  10. Bec this has ended so well before …rem the foot bridge that was designed and constructed by women. ?> It fell down…hang on..isnt making it SOLELY about one gender ..SEXIST ? > anyho …who gunna teach them…MEN ! Bahhaha

  11. Just sit back and watch them try to complete the project. Don’t fight it let it self destruct.
    The primary industries of Australia used to be farming and mining, now the primary industry is government. Politics and virtue signalling financed by never ending money will eventually completely suffocate this country.

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