Government Is Redirecting Our Anger

Dr Debbie Garratt explaining how governments in Australia have been redirecting anger away from themselves and onto scapegoats.

It’s an effective technique and well practised in this country.

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  1. Had a friend who’s daughter attempted self harm during the pandemic. I asked them why they weren’t angry at the government. They were all “oh well, all politicians are corrupt. What can you do?” Yet their anger towards their unvaxxed brother and sister was palpable. They really do see the elites as above them and beyond questioning, almost to god like status of “government moves in mysterious ways”. I see it a bit as the Current Affair effect where all anger is directed at neighbours, small businesses and fellow citizens and never those with real power causing distress. Also heard it described as “rat in a cage” based on experiments that if you shock rats they have no idea where the distress is coming from so will simply lash out at their fellow caged rats. It’s absolutely being directed. The new unvaxxed are Russian citizens (imagine an unvaxxed Russian? The horror!)

  2. I think people are totally and overwhelmingly fatigued, by insane politicians and crazy bureaucrats. Who have, by design, sucked the energy out of the masses. It's part of their make-up and agenda. They are literally energy vampires, who suck the life force from the masses, and feed off it to keep their momentum for their insane agendas. The masses are resting and recovering and are beginning their fight back. Worldwide!

  3. I thought it was bad enough when members of my own family said they weren't comfortable with me attending the family Christmas get together; because I'm unvaccinated. I just found out today that a friend of mine wants to invite me over to help them with something; but one of their family members has been brainwashed by the media into thinking that is too risky.

    What makes it harder is that I live on my own. During the height of the downs, the isolation was horrible. Now with limited freedoms; governments and media seem to be finding ways to further isolate people like myself, from the rest of society. Is it any wonder that so many people are struggling with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

    I really hate how MSM media and some politicians are dividing families, friends and community. This isn't the Australia I grew up in; we've become a frightened, paranoid nanny-state.

  4. Redirect anger into positive community action.

    Look at the floods, who is cleaning up the mess?


    Now we just need the knowledge, tools and ability to restore our communities on a daily basis.

  5. Labour and Lib's would have done nothing different from each other and they do not work for the people , get a party in that works for the people and vote Lib,s and Labour last with their sub parties .
    In the last to years we have seen just how much of a "sheep Nation " we really are because we just want to stay safe by selling out others , time to stand strong and remove the cause of Australia's problems .
    Point the finger back at them.

  6. Yup, the normies on the street here were parroting what msm and saying that Jovac was this & that instead of saying something like "Hey, well he is a world champion athlete and he obviously has weighted up his best health response to a media driven pandemic", or something to this effect.The people watching their idiot boxes have become radicalized as intended😵

  7. I doubt very much that the majority of people have any trust in our Governments whatsoever. The Pandora's box has been opened and no amount of smart marketing is going to save the big parties, the greens and all those weirdo independents that went along with the tyranny. The anger is palpable and people are bloody furious.

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