Government Officials Now Actually Admit They’re Real

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Written by Mark Dice

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  1. Lady of Fatima possibly a test to to fake ppl out in the future? Maybe real maybe not I dno if God would have this happen or said it would I dno about the legitimacy of the lady of Fatima tale and the 80,000+ ppl who saw the sun do what they said it did.

  2. The difference between truth and conspiracy is about two months we all knew it was happening why would they think we'd be surprised? A government has become too powerful when they start attacking their own citizens and call it conspiracy

  3. I truly hope enough people see this and realize just how important it is to have the right people in charge of this country and it's massive powers it possesses! HINT; it IS NOT JOE BIDEN and the SOCIALISTS! In other words, if you lack morals, you should not be in charge of the worlds most powerful country and it's weapons. WAKE UP AMERICANS!!

  4. This is so scary! This also makes you think about what is going on in those masonic lodges and rituals. At this time in history it would be so easy for the establishment to radicalize people to do what ever they wanted, by just mimicking a supernatural encounter.

    This is so much bigger issue than your voice and occational laughts makes it sound. I think you need to get Alex Jones to narrate these videos for you. That guy got the right tone for these kinds of news.

    Love your content and channel – never stop doing what you do. Mark you are a legent

  5. If i was khalid. I would not believe that allah would talk to me while im in a cell. He is delusional for believing it and hiding crucial evidence about death of innocent people. He is one of the reasons why people dislike islam.

  6. Do any of you feel like this has happened to you?? CNN uses this all the time.. I noticed it at the Mike Brown Riots… Notice how angry I was getting after work from watching Anderson Cooper… Realized what was happening to me.. Never watched another News Network since and I’ve been wakening ever since…. it goes deep and they have been doing this for a very long time.

  7. The US Government has been using mind control technology on it's own population since 1945 when the Nazis scientists (the Americans rescued from the Soviets and British who would have executed them)showed the Americans how to do it . All this is a matter of public record and was investigated in 1949 (from memory) by your Congress. Fake radiators were put into prisons in the late 40s and the devices hidden within them used to cause prison fights (aggression) or stop them. This was even before MK Ultra was started.

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