Government Secrets Ep 54 With Lee Camp

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#grahamelwood #politicalvigilante Government Secrets Ep 54 With Lee Camp

Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. In Ida, there’s reports of a man being killed (in a second attack) by an alligator; his wife beat it off once, pulled him to safety (?), left to get help———when she returned, his body could not be found.

  2. Thanks, Graham, for rolling up your sleeves and risking tetanus, snake-bite and mosquito borne diseases. We love you for helping & caring about New Orleans. It really is a special place full of special (crazy) cool people!

  3. Check out local media (WWL TV; WDSU TV) for info on the rich ba*turd who owns 7 nursing homes & a warehouse. He evac’d the people from nursing homes to his warehouse on higher ground. 3 died; he says that’s below average daily total from all his nursing homes. He refused to let state dept of health officials inside— everyone has been transferred by the state to care facilities. He’s not in jail so he must be well connected.

  4. Furthermore, Blacks born in the New Orleans area — until recent years — were not eligible for free swimming lessons offered in the New Orleans area. Most Black residents did not even know how to be safe by floating on their backs, much less swim at the time of Katrina. I’m White, age 72, and I was taught swimming at city pools for free. I lived in an adjacent city.
    Old sins; long shadows.

  5. Real good content boys.
    I traveled throughout your country most of my life, solo with my camera.
    Went on a walking tour with a retired professor in the New Orleans cemetary and he told us if the levees break all the deceased will float. When they did break few years later I hoped he was on high ground.

  6. I try never missing government secrets. I pay low rent but landlord likes to use me as indentured servant. Her husband hurt his back & she informed me I need to do all the things he can’t. All she had to do is ask but, no she also threatens my tenacity if I don’t. We. share 18 acres and btw I’m 65 and have never been late with rent for the whole nine years I’ve lived here.

  7. I adore you guys for this! 💋⚜️👏👏👏 I’m from New Orleans & I’m a fan of the show, but I wasn’t expecting the great content today exposing the oil companies for destroying our marshland & cypress grove natural barriers. And a lot of us had followed “Dr. Hurricane” for a long time before Katrina & knew about Miss River Gulf Outlet (we call it Mr. GO) here.

    A couple of corrections:
    1-The federal levees weren’t overtopped, they broke in several places after having been poorly built and maintained by the Corp of Engineers & contractors. See Sandy Rosenthal, one dedicated woman who investigated & found out. Her book about it just came out.
    2- Hurr Katrina did actually hit New Orleans as a Cat 3, just not a Cat 5 which made landfall slightly to the east. I stayed for the Cat 3 storm & the next day actually drove around town helping friends. I saw the water coming in from a levee break and realized I had to get out, but had 1 gallon of gas left. I stayed because my bipolar 18 yr old son had a psychotic break the day before and he was in the Charity Hospital mental ward. I stayed in a little hotel nearby. I sent my younger kids away with family.

    The rest is supposed to be in the book I was gonna write when I was in my Fema trailer in the pitch black dead zone for a year, but alas, trauma. thank

  8. Guv Seeks, your source for cutting edge information on ducksual assault and the evolutionary strategies to mitigate its consequences. 😂

    For serious though, this is my favorite show, thank you guys.

  9. It'll take more than this lovely revelation for those Americans that voted for Obomber solely bc he was their complexion to ever believe he never gave a DAMN abt the WORKING CLASS, much LESS: BLACK ppl. And nope, I'm not afraid to say it bc racism comes in ALL COLORS.

  10. Jesus! I love your show, but it fucking terrifies me. Does anyone still believe that any government is acting in our best interests?
    If you do, I have a couple of bridges to sell – anyone interested in the Ponte Vecchio? All reasonable offers considered.

  11. Do you ever wonder what salary you'd require before you were prepared to kill thousands of people through poisoning water supplies, causing childhood cancers, polluting water tables, destroying indigenous populations, etc, etc. The prevalence of these actions suggests that, for most people, it's depressingly low.

  12. "Experts" are merely whistleblowers (pronounced "tattle-tails) in disguise as PhD researchers… those nerds aren't cool hunky ballers that like to tackle their enemies… disregard all that gloom and doom sciency stuff… buy a Beemer and let's go party… Bro.

  13. The 1990 foreign appropriations law also prescribed various forms of economic strangulation for several other(Yugoslavia) countries deemed enemies, including Angola, Cambodia, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Korea (DPRK) and Vietnam. On the other hand countries moving hastily toward a capitalist market economy in 1990, such as Poland, were to receive special funding.

  14. Lee keeps misstating what Tesla did during the hurricane because apparently actually looking into something before you spout lies about it is too much work. Only certain cars had extra battery capacity. They were sold to owners who wanted a cheaper version of the car so the batteries were software locked. This was fully disclosed. Only Lee was surprised by this. #DoBetter

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