Government To Censor Online Speech

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Government To Censor Online Speech. The state regulator Ofcom will be given new powers to control the content on the internet, including YouTube and blogs. This is unprecedented as the establishment attempts to protect their own, such as the BBC against the new media. At a time when alternative media is needed more than the mainstream media to outline important issues such as Brexit and other areas, this will damage free speech and free press. The Boris Johnson’s government are yet to confirm this move with Labour and Conservatives remaining quiet.

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. When I see things like this coming from the UK, I am glad the founding fathers of the USA had the foresight to put free speech into the Constitution along with a means of protecting it (the 2nd Amendment). Hang on Britain! Keep fighting! Rebel against laws that violate your fundamental freedoms!

  2. Biased Broadcasting Company needs to go ! Been years since they offered anybody free football on the box ! Whatever happened to Grandstand and Match of the Day ?? Oh yeah thats right, SkySports ! Why do we even have to pay now for this Garbage Globalist propaganda programming ?? Tell where to get off ! Say No to 5G Folks !

  3. So these arseholes will require that this comment be removed because I am not respectful to them? Will censorship of emails come next?

  4. Your channel will be gone in a year anyway, since i guess most people will realise, that it was all lies, and the brexit was stupid. But keep on believing 🙂 , maybe all will be fine and britain better off, time will tell

  5. The EU is cracking down on the Internet: BORIS wants to.
    The EU opts for Huawei to set up their 5G: Boris does the same DESPITE the other Five Eyes being leary of it.
    It took well-nigh a DECADE to sort out the fiscal mess left by Labour — and now Boris is SPLURGING money — despite the obvious pitfalls (Venezuela, anyone?)
    Is Boris trying to flatline the economy, and then say, "Sorry, everybody; leaving the EU has been bad for us after all. Thankfully, the EU has agreed to take us back on. Unfortunately, we'll lose the Pound, but hey, we'll be in a financial Union!"

  6. You need to remember, if they can't regulate what we say online, they also can't regulate what the media put online. Ofcom will not be going after every private citizen with an opinion but when channel 4 post a load of lies on YouTube we'll have the ability to report them.

  7. Dude everything you have made aware of terrifies me. I gave the Tories my vote for Brexit. If this is the cost so be it but I'll be damned if I go down without a fight

  8. This move to stop free speech is the most frightening development in our country in my lifetime. Do whatever you can to stop this Mahyar.

  9. You are a speculative alarmist making money out of your headlines & selling pathetic tat, there’s an awful lot wrong with you, just more rubbish on the ridiculous u tube.

  10. Schizophrenic bbc thinking – they are all about destroying the identity of the nation which they claim to be ‘holding together in their coverage of national events’.

  11. The UK prided itself on its freedom of speech. How many conflicts have been fought in other countries to maintain their freedom of speech? How many lives have been lost for that cause? Now a leading light is about to sanction its people with the thought police. I detect the odour of despotism seeping from under the doors of Westminster. It seems the Government wants to incorporate a degree of fascism in their form of conservatism. This statement would be seen as anti-establishment and would incur the wrath of the thought police and what would be the punishment? A fine, censorship, a ban, or a loss of the internet? An MP has a heavy responsibility, and yet I ask you, how many have the intelligence to understand it, much less embrace it?