Government wants a surveillance state

So COVID restrictions across the country just happen to relax before a Federal Election, seems convenient doesn’t it?

If a major party forms Government with an outright majority, what do you think they will try to get away with before the next election?

Written by Malcolm Roberts


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  1. Can these corporations that are telling everyone how to live according to the gov't told us to do it start paying taxes that the gov't also tell them to, without hiring accountants to minimise their taxes. And maybe obey the same laws the gov't tell them to on environmental issues without hiring scientists that are favorable to them.

  2. This will happen next will be the Mark of the Beast…..Many will mock and laugh at the thought so did all those drowning outside the Ark….People need to search their heart before the loose their own soul

  3. Malcolm Roberts is the people's champion, 100% spot on wil his analysis of the domestic and the global situation. God help us all if either of the duopoly parties get a foot-hold this coming election. Vote the Four majors last, any other lunatic woke, lefty, Marxists next last . You're an absolute powerhouse of a legend, thank you Malcolm.

  4. We have been watching this in movies for years and we all thought it was just make believe. Always this crap is at the hands of the evil. We will get OUR country back when we take it back no mainstream party is going to give up the system and its benefits that they have worked so hard to establish while ignoring what they actually were supposed to be doing. Any individual that believes the government works for them has a serious deficiency in there thought process. One Nation is going to be battling as always but they have to get the numbers and then put their money where their mouth is. Cheers Malcolm.

  5. What's happening in Australia and around the world is leading up to the New World Order. Global Governance. We need to get out of the United Nations and all the agreements that Australia has been signed up to by previous governments . Lima agreement. World Economic Forum ect ect . This has been planned for generations.

  6. BEWARE The International Pandemic Treaty, transferring control of all nations to the WHO, (a defacto world government) We are being sold out by the traitors in the LNP, LAB /GRNS who all bow to the WEF

  7. Increase Government, anything is bad. The government needs less power, less authority.
    It's up to the people to take the power back, because the Government, never will.


  8. When the Australian Commonwealth learns to abide by its laws. Audit every Australian Politician and ask them to explain how during there terms they became filthy stinking Rich of the back of the Australian taxpayer. Insider trading is common knowledge, how many politicians own shares in US Big Pharma vaccine manafacturers. Or family business that profit of Government tenders and contracts. Integrity and Ethics is a moral responsibility to the Australian people. The last Commonwealth country to not have evolved a Bill of Rights similar to Canada or New Zealand leaves no stretch of the imagination as to why and the complete legal failure by the Morrison led Liberals to adopt a "Federal Integrity Commission", is yet another example of a lack of integrity. Australian Politicians enjoy the highest perks and pay rates in the world with lifelong early retirement rates, it is the biggest social fraud on the Australian taxpayer of there own design. Vote the major parties out by placing them last on your ballot. Australians are like Canada, America, New Zealand sick of the political corruption, identify every WEF lackey and ask yourself "where did your child's future go in a massive trillion dollar debt unheard of in Australia's entire political history. It is a National disgrace.

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