Government wants to know economic toll of vaccines after rolling out 80 million doses to Canadians | Help fund our ATIPs
This tender also comes at a time when regulatory initiatives are being undertaken to develop COVID-19 vaccination requirements under the Canada Labour Code. The initiative is to “develop new, standalone Regulations under Part II of the Labour Code, where the Government will require vaccination of federally regulated employees, except under very limited circumstances…”
FULL REPORT from Tamara Ugolini:

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  1. Those who don't wish to participate in medical trials, are likely amongst the 5% who keep the government working instead of decaying into a taxpayer funded money pit of sheltered workshops.

  2. The  vaccine does not render the person immune, and does not prevent transmission of the virus, therefore can not qualify as a public health measure capable of providing collective benefit that supersedes individual risk, and therefore cannot be mandated.
    In other words, the vaccine will not prevent you from getting sick with covid. They are only supposed to lessen your symptoms if you do get infected. So, getting vaccinated protects no one but yourself. Since you’re the only one who will reap the benefits (less severe COVID-19 symptoms upon infection), the justification to accept the risks of the vaccine “for the greater good” of your community is blatantly irrational and illegal to mandate.

  3. The government is hiring some spin Dr's to cover up the damage they have done, here is how government reports work, the government decides on a result they want, then they interview companies till they find the one that can work with the numbers to show the predetermined results they want, usually it will be with a company they have worked with before and can trust, the whole call for bids is just a sham.

  4. I still can't believe they're testing waste water to guage cv19 infection in towns and cities! I guesd they can't push toxic swab tests anymore, so have to try to control ppl again somehow. I'm sure a slurry of feces is how to determine accurate numbers of infection…

  5. You got told not to take it,did you listen?Or did you think you knew better?Or perhaps you felt like you did not have a choice?Which is interesting because there is always a choice.

  6. If they're making this study it can only mean that they want to know how much it will cost the elites to keep up with the tyranny without affecting their lifestyle.

  7. Can we just stop with government wanting to have their nose in everything and wasting our money. Life would be affordable if we had 1/4 of the government and we'd likely be 10x happier.
    We should invest in common sense, respect, humbleness, and kindness. The world would be a better place where people care about each other and nature. And the nature part I don't mean in a tree hugger manner. I see all sorts of pro Enviro people who like gov in their businessbut then leave 5 dead leaking cars on their lawn.

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