GPS Proves Woman Who Cried Hate Crime Wasnt Even There, Looks Like Another Leftist HOAX

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  1. Hoax hate crimes need to be criminally charged as hate crimes. These people have nefarious reasons for doing this and it's to hurt other races ( Primarily white people.) Start punishing them for these actions, It is creating divisiveness.

  2. I would prefer this to be a hoax over domestic abuse, to be perfectly honest. I've had to call the police on my neighbor twice in the last 3 weeks because he beats his girlfriend in the breezeway of our apartment building. Unfortunately, she denies it happens every time. I'm not sure I'll be calling the police next time, because the way I see it now, she doesn't want help. The only other help I can give her comes at the end of a .45 barrel, and I'm not giving up my freedom for someone who refuses to help themselves.
    Please, if you are in a violent domestic situation, get out!

  3. will anybody hold her accountable?
    of course not. she's a woman. She's allowed and even encouraged to make unfounded and unprovable lies to push her narrative. Women get charged a fraction of the time as men, when they DO get charged they get convicted significantly less, and when they DO get convicted they spend significantly less time in jail. Statistics and numbers don't lie.

  4. Not tell the truth lest she be "setting someone else upon her"? So, tell a different story and set the world upon the white man? Throwing 100 million people under the bus because of their skin color (and that's just in this country).

  5. I think she was involved in some of the arson and accidently burned herself. They used lighter fluid when they attacked the Dane County buildings. We've seen this happen before. The guy in Seattle who set his own foot on fire?

  6. Of COURSE this is what Wray thinks is the important stuff to look into. Don't forget NooseCar. He really wants to find something to support his statement that the right wing has the real extremists. Wasn't he running the FBI during Vegas too? I'm so ready to see his ass fired!

  7. What did she do with the amazin' flamin' lighter? They could fingerprint it and get these dastardly Huwhite Supreemists before they violate another person of multiple colors.

  8. No, Tim. If you're covering for someone you call it an accident, you don't blame someone else or fake a hate crime. Innocent people could be charged (or worse).
    False accusers need to face the same punishment as the accused. Lives are ruined by false accusations, people can die.

  9. Hoax must be thoroughly investigated and charged as they waste precious time and resources . No gender bias due to equality , charged them equally , according to the law .

  10. When you are set on fire you start hitting notes that only a member of the Jackson family could hit. You'll start moon walking and everything. So I can't believe she could be set on fire and just keep driving normal and wait hours before seeking medical care. No way

  11. As always as long as the hate you create is aimed at white people. "What's the big deal?" – Say's the supposedly racist justice system looking to crush any and every non-white life they come across. In reality I don't recall any of these anti-white hate fakers ever being charged for their crimes.

  12. "Bernstein" Well, it checks out. Without fail, the "13th tribe" does it again. People are starting to figure things out.