Graham Linehan Has Been Permanently Cancelled


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  1. I think trans people should donate their penises to those who don't have them and want one. So trans women give your member to a trans man. Problem solved. Oh and 50% of you, stop committing hara kiri.

  2. I don't feel bad. Had it not happened he would still be one of their gang.

    Second, "they took my family"? Really, your divorce was because of trans activists? I don't buy it.

    Third, he didn't just defend women. He made a spicy profile on trans dating apps of himself in makeup, taunting them.

    Finally, the father Ted musical too big to fail? I love Father Ted but who asked for that? Lol

  3. I can name another group that has even more power, but if I even named them I'd likely get my comment removed. We are not even allowed to mention their names without being cancelled.

  4. This type of stuff will just make the future generation resent the leftist communities resulting in the opposite of what these people preach to be against people will hate trans people if they keep pulling this type of shit

  5. The only way this cost him his family and marriage is if it was already rocky to begin with. He had to have been butting heads with his spouse and family and the harassment from the trans activists was the final straw. Otherwise they would stay with him and support him and help him.

  6. Both sides far left and far right are dangerous, I am skewed towards the left but I don't hide behind an echo chamber, the far leftists call people like me centrists for not following verse and script what they want us to believe, I have my own mind and I decide what I think is right and wrong, politics is going to hell with the current parties, systems and their ideals.

  7. As for the depersonalization, of course companies and governments will support any group that suppresses free speech from anyone who would dare speak out about crazy backwards stuff. Even if the government has to use these marginal group to commit a dictatorship style coup on freedom they will. If the people demand no free speech then the gov is happy to oblige.

  8. Beautiful. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. Glad to see his lifes in the gutter and he's victim of the very same cancellation he was advocating for

  9. I would definitely not applaud and cheer that, but I sincerely hope they get put back into the "who cares" box where they belong, instead of them continuing to be the narrative-controlling attention-gagging gender nazis they've become. #Notall

  10. Oh dude, if he's one of those people? He can cry all he wants, then. Sorry buddy, you ASKED for this when you started doing it to everyone else. So it's on you for not listening when everyone was telling you about how pendulums work. Good riddance.

  11. I think the whole trans thing is really a weird thing perpetrated by the corporations under cover on social media to draw people away from real issues of human rights violations where people are being actually starved in killed, and to create a hostile division by being totally over the top about this "anti-trans" bullshit. Like they did with calling everything racist. It's insanity. I don't give a shit, go be trans. People been cross dressing for decades, do your thing. Nobody cares. Just don't say that men are equally built as women. That's bullshit. Men are biologically built different. That's literally science.

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