Graham Norton Shouldn’t Be In Your Headline

I’m repeating myself
I’m repeating myself
I’m repeating myself
I’m repeating myself
I’m repeating myself


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  1. sir i adore your work and that you always ask ppl to make up their own mind by reading all and everything availble on all sides! we need critical back really quickly or we will all pay!

  2. At 00:37, to within one second, you say semiotic when what should be said is semantic, to my knowledge. Thank you.

    Like almost of today's nomenklatura, G. Norton does not know what free speech is, and does not realise he does not know what free speech is.

  3. 3:30 'Accountability' is Wokeish. I actually hate that term, Wokeish, because it's a euphemism too (it's communist equivocation, is what it is), but these people, they have a very specific meaning by that word that they don't tell other people not in on the joke, which goes like "punishing someone for acting in a way that doesn't comport with Marxist ideology." James Lindsey has a great article about it on his website, and it's a common tactic of theirs, to use that particular word whenever they get accused of 'canceling' someone (which is, again in itself, as you've said, a euphemism for political persecution. . . which, really, means that when they say 'accountability,' what they mean, is also 'political persecution,' they just don't want to call it that, even though everyone, on all sides, are using these things to describe the same phenomenon. In fact, I'd go a step further and say that it is specifically political persecution of a particular variety as practiced by Marxists , because this particular type of persecution, isn't very often practiced by any other political group, and indeed, most other political groups don't make use of any such persecution at all.

  4. The common thread in all leftist/npc illogic seems to be a very flexible sense of proportion. If there is molecule in the air that appears one part in a billion that leftists don't like then it is the greatest crisis and threat to humanity and democracy. However, if another molecule is slowly filling the room and people are raising the alarm because they are suffocating then the leftist argues that the molecule doesn't exist or if it does it isn't really a problem; after all, if the room is filling with this molecule and I haven't suffocated yet then how harmful can it be?

  5. It all started when we stopped the old tried and true practice of when someone like Graham would start talking quite a few of us felt compelled to stand up and beligerently point and in unison shouted "HA!! FAG!!" and not because he's a pickle smoochers, more like if I call someone a dick or an asshole I'm not saying that they an actual penis or anus. We all know the difference.

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