Grammarly: Government Edition

Whether you want to spin your way out of a recession, walk back your support of rioters, or simply rile up your donor base, Grammarly’s helpful suggestions make your political messaging as clear—or murky—as you need. And no, it doesn’t fix typos.

Grammarly parody written and produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg; performed by Austin Bragg.

Written by ReasonTV


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  1. "We wouldn't do it if it wasn't working". Lines like this that are simultaneously funny, saddening and aggravating are why I love your style. Never stop.

  2. Cue the Europeans who think spaz or spastic is insulting slang derived from “Spastic Society” when spastic obviously already meant what it meant when first used it to refer to Cerebral Palsy (wild, unpredictable/uncontrolled movements or actions).

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