Grand Jury INDICTS Netflix Over Cuties & Stock PLUMMETS!

Can’t say I expected anything less from the grand jury in texas and now that the stock has plummeted I wonder what’s going to happen?

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  2. And yet they still haven't taken down the film okay if they refuse to take down the film after they've being charged with a felony they should thin be arrested and thrown in prison and the company should be given to somebody else

  3. You sound like Tim Pool bro. I can't agree about Cuties staying I'm afraid. The more pederasts see cp the more excited they become. You want pederasts acting out mate???

  4. why do you constantly avoid mentioned the words "children" or the name of the film. I have also noticed in many other videos you avoid mentioning specific words when reading out tweets…. what is the reason for this?

  5. People going after fluff art in a courtroom, yay first world problems. Imagine if people actually cared about other people, we might have a nation where there were laws against flagrant promotion of junk food and couch potato life, there might be less than ~650,000 heart disease deaths per year. We really are a culture of morons with too much time. Ah well, its always great to see republicans agreeing with democrats: censorship's a great thing to swing around.

  6. What happens next is the the line of dominoes begins it's collapse. TikTok's kid majority is basically made to be underage girls clapping their WAP's or whatever it does, I mean clapping is clearly an indication something down there isn't right. Plus the only reason to shake your ass to the camera is display favorable response back no? Maybe my dance repertoire has never suffered or required my butthole, maybe I'm just ignorant to the intricacies at work. I mean, the song even clarifies the intent. Isn't Instagram the same? Shaking ass in minimum TOS required cover?

  7. I didn't see the specific reference indicated, but, what was Dance Moms? They had controversies over scantly clad outfits, and maybe a dance professional can educate me on the intent when you dance and the further your legs can spread is part of the process. I haven't seen the show, but TikTok tells me there were certainly times asses were shaking on those stages. What role does poping your ass play? Does it elaborate to the story being told through movement? Does it correlate to experience? Like the distance at which the pops vary the more it's been mastered?

  8. First it was the controversial and gay Jesus thing they took it off thank God I know it’s gonna be a total shit show that movie should be banned from the US

  9. I’m 19, I haven’t watch the movie, but I’ve seen The Trailers and some crips, and just no this film is Disgraceful and I can’t thinking the words, they got 8 year olds doing sexual dancing, and outfits, no Matter what story they are trying to tell, it is Illegal to put kids in this type of stuff, am I wrong on that?

  10. Gadzooks ☺️ that made me smile.

    But yeah, I don't agree allowing kids to dress like that, I have a problem with beauty pageants for young girls too for the same reason.

    By all means I kinda know what the beauty pageants are about, however seeing kinda so stupidly young dressing similar to the pics from this show is crazy. Similarly like the show dance moms……

    That's just me though, if I ever have a child I won't be putting them in a two piece swimsuit either and even then it might have like the little frilly bits too. If I could if just have them swim in loads of layers, but that's not safe…. Although wet or dry suits might be a good idea as they will keep them safe and warm in the water too.

    Anyways off topic I think ?. Just my way of thinking, there are those out there that you just don't know about so it's better to be safe than sorry.

  11. This movie is simple soft-core child porn. I have not watched the full film, but I have found extracted scenes throughout YouTube showing most of the objectionable scenes. Couple these to the full run time of the film and you find rather quickly that the objectionable scenes, and there are many, make up the bulk of the movie. There is no real story. There is even a scene showing an uncovered child. Show-On-Head discusses this in one of her recent videos, and she watched it and is thoroughly disgusted. Netflix deserves to lose money over this. This is a form of trafficking and it needs to stop.

  12. Netflix is not really down, I am with you on this but Netflix is volatile both up and down recently. 3.00% is not a big deal.

    October 1st up 5.50%
    October 2nd down 4.63%
    October 5th up 3.50%
    October 6th down 2.84%
    October 7th up 5.69%
    October 8th down 0.54%
    October 9th currently up 0.85%

    I don't own Netflix shares, but how are they plummeting?