GrapheneOS; the greatest mobile OS of all time. Common usability misconceptions DEBUNKED!

Privacy violations of stock android:
More privacy violations of stock android:
Samsung data collection:
Samsung & Facebook partnership:
GrapheneOS chatroom:
GrapheneOS feature list:

00:00 Introduction
00:25 GrapheneOS
01:00 Google’s data collection practices
01:15 Constant location tracking
01:30 Google tracks HOW You are moving, not just where you are
01:55 Read the rest of this in the video description link
02:15 Most applications require Google play services, unfortunately
03:00 Security features of GrapheneOS
04:05 Common misconceptions
04:20 Banking apps won’t work on GrapheneOS – UNTRUE
04:42 Uber won’t work on GrapheneOS – UNTRUE
05:35 Any app requiring Google play services WILL WORK ON GRAPHENEOS
05:49 but YOU set the permissions of GrapheneOS
06:09 You can turn off Google’s access to sensors
06:26 Notifications don’t work on GrapheneOS – UNTRUE
06:44 How to fix notifications on GrapheneOS
07:05 Why isn’t Google privileged/unrestricted by default?
07:25 Push notifications work just fine!
08:20 It only works on a pixel? That doesn’t sound secure!
11:05 Biggest misconception: you have to compromise convenience to have GrapheneOS’ security
12:45 You want privacy? You must be crazy!!

Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. When someones says «why do i care, i got nothing to hide» i normally just ask them if i can have their phone password and have a look around. Its really effective

  2. All these ASOP alternatives to Google are great and all but unless you have a recent phone, it's not straightforward to repurpose your hardware – some of us just need voice, text and simple browsing without the need for a Google account, the latest privacy isn't really relevant m/

  3. I love the idea, but given its only Google devices supported, its still giving them money even if it holds back their future revenue and data collection.

    Not saying they shouldn't be trying, but I have concerns that its just encouraging more people to buy Google phones and should this cause a market share shift towards their phones there is nothing to stop them then deciding to lock down their phones, preventing future development of this OS.

    A lot of the problems with phones are their individual components being locked behind closed-source drivers that are tied to specific kernels. Its why other brands are near impossible to support with newer Android versions, even by the manufacturer.

  4. I have a stupid question. If Google has all this data about where everybody is all the time, how come cops have such a hard time finding who stole this car or who broke into that house? Lemme guess. Google knows all these things, but they ain't telling?

  5. How is this any different than a normal android os. You can change the permissions of each individual app in the setting. Now you can argue that android have their permission grouped horribly like if you want to enable location you will enable accelerometer sensors automaticaly. Or bluetooth is tied to the gps location permission. Serius i have to talk to a customer and explain to him if he wants bluetooth let us know your location i sound stupid. I dont know how this os can fix this since the app wont run until you provide permissions. You are given the freedome to turn off their ability to spy on us but that dosen't solve the problem if they just refuse service in retaliation.

  6. I made the switch a few months back and am slowly converting others to the cult. I do sometimes forget there's no headphone jack and make a plan which isn't going to work based on that, but it's a small price to pay for the benefits of this OS.

  7. I know Samsung is just as bad, but I've excluded the pixel phones from any consideration due to it being associated with Google. This has changed my mind and my next phone will likely be a pixel explicitly because of this operating system. Thank you, Louis.

  8. My only problem was their refusal to allow selinux in permissive, magisk to function, or for persistent system patches after an OTA update which for me is important because GrapheneOS has limitations by default that I need to circumvent for my daily tasks.

  9. I hate how practically no phone will give you every little feature you want, you have to compromise somewhere, even though these flagships can cost more than a decent computer, I've come to kinda accept it though and just keep multiple phones for different uses, for example my LG is a media/music device, so at some point I may consider getting a pixel as my travel phone.

  10. Some people can't afford a $500 phone. Even if there are roms for a cheap phone. You risk bricking it. My Motorola G fast barely works and I'd love to put a third party rom on it. I cannot afford bricking it and having to buy another $200 phone. I feel you're acting like its very simple to do this. Maybe so with a Pixel phone. It isn't for other phones. It isn't as simple as jailbreaking the original iPhone.

  11. been using graphene for three years or so now and i've really had no major issues. the only annoying thing is not being able to get some of the common apps, but that's a choice to retain privacy

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