Great Barrier Reef found to have ‘record amounts of coral’

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says there are “record amounts of coral” in the Great Barrier Reef, after a report revealed it has undergone mass coral growth.

“We continue to farm some of the world’s best food through all of the catchment areas of the Great Barrier Reef,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

We were all told that when we do those things, the Reef was going to cop it.

“This report shows now that we have record coral amounts on the Great Barrier Reef.”


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  1. 540 million years ago when coral and shellfish evolved the seas were hotter and there was at least 20 times the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere than we have today. Watch Tony Heller.

  2. But, but, the climate alarmists said rising sea water temperatures would kill off the coral!
    I guess they forgot that plants and animals can adapt to changing conditions, for the most part, some don't and go extinct.

  3. But wait, the green radicals have told us that GW is killing all coral and that it will drown from rising sea levels. Could they have been lying all this time just to get our money? Nah, they wouldn’t do that! As to causing more fires, didn’t they arrest about 140 for SETTING fires? I bet all those arsonists were right wing huh? That’s probably why the media covered it up.

  4. I've never been or seen a coral reef, but back when I went to school, we discussed how the foundation of the reef is an accumulation of dead fish bones which is covered with CO2 consuming colorful Algae. Algae naturally dies off (or eaten) leaving the gray bone appearance only to be rehomed by another colony of Algae.
    by the way
    Sea level is right where it was when the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock, and where it was when Eric the Red first set sail and where it was when Rome attacked Britain and where it was when the Persians requested Land and Water from the Greeks.
    When the government denies you the right to repair and up keep the ditches on your property, there will be flooding.

  5. Even the ABC had to report on this. Although they tried their damndest to frame it in a negative light, as they always do.
    Interestingly there were other strong growth years recently.

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