‘Green’ Tech FAILS As CA Grid Nears Blackouts | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Saagar examines the near failure of California’s electrical grid and the role green energy technology played in the situation

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Derek Thompson:

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  1. You forgot to add the firers here in Oregon & California my home state also have winds driving the fires right now causing the problems to multiply and they are still the 5th largest economy, Hello from Port Orford, Oregon Saagar.

  2. Saagar's ignorance has no limit.
    To him California represents "manifest destiny (i.e., white supremacy) and the American project."
    Not stealing land from Mexico, killing the indigenous population, and exploiting Chinesse labor…lol

  3. The thing about California is you directly experience the failures of all the lefty policies in your everyday life. It was easy to ignore as a child growing up and as a young adult, but now that I'm looking into places to settle down, start a family, etc. It is clear that I cannot stay in the state any longer. I'm finishing med school and getting the hell out of here.

  4. Extremely disingenuous take by saager. Also for you idiots saying “use nuclear “. Look at all the wildfires, floods, tornadoes etc.. that are happening across the US in areas who don’t normally have these events. Yeah let’s set up a nuclear plant, so a flood or tornado can blow us up.

  5. For anyone who wants an excellent breakdown of WHY Nuclear is not possible in… much of the US, but California in particular, check out Some More News's recent segment on the economic (and legal) incentives of the for profit power companies. Tl;dr- as a company it's better to let old structures rot until they break rather than fix them, and the CEO is obligated to make the best decision economically for the business. That's not going to fly with Nuclear.

  6. Krystal just needs to spend ONE day/night in California during a heat wave with the AC set at 78 degrees and she can't charge her electric vehicle to get to work the next couple of days. She will change her mind. Also, we in Cali are subject to sporadic rolling blackouts–so much so that I have bought a gas generator (like a TON of other Californians!) for longer outages–kind of defeats the purpose of transitioning to green. Life in California.

  7. What we need is decentralized grid networks and municipal public utility control. And I wouldn’t mind safe nuclear power use, however we should tread carefully about such power. Looking into alternatives is highly important

  8. I live in LA and I do agree California should keep El Diablo open and expand on the nuclear power grid. This summer I have experienced 2 power outages although they were fixed quickly they are inconvenient (first world problems). I also think we need to expand Tesla Supercharger Stations because I have waited an hour to charge my Tesla. Personally I have also thought about buying a generator and hooking it to my solar panels, as back up to the power outages. I know solar panels are unpopular with certain groups on BP because of the emissions which I totally get. But I pay nothing for electricity because of my solar panels. I think the savings is what is driving people in California to get solar panels not necessarily the environment.

  9. Its not just power. Our long term water needs haven been ignored as well. But we do have a nice multibillion high speed train to nowhere! People are not made of money to support all this. Those who are capable are exiting..

  10. Is Saagar being paid for by the nuclear industry? The ignorant nonsense he routinely spouts on this topic is enough to unsubscribe…

    Nuclear power plants are highly sensitive to heat, as their cooling systems depend on nearby rivers not exceeding temperature limits or they have to shut down – as happened in Europe this summer.

    Not to speak of how "modern" power plants are neither economically viable (they have to be highly subsidized to compete) nor ever really safe, nor ecologically sustainable (waste products with a half life of hundreds of years are a beautiful "gift" we leave to future generations).

  11. when will democrats finally realize, that this whole "green wet dream" will be possible ONLY AFTER the infrastructure for this shit is built, so we can easily switch to some other stuff…… how can anyone live under that Newsom 🤡🤡🤡

  12. Meanwhile for profit, pro-oil Texas actually did shut down in the middle of winter and that was on top of huge spikes in billing, causing some to be billed thousands for a single month of energy.

    You can complain all you want about California's more liberal approach. But at the end of the day, they were able to keep their energy systems running and Texas's system failed for days.

    This is a bad effort at trying to take shots at renewables because that's the kind of opinions you end up having digesting the content of Ben Shapiro and company, most of whom (including Ben) receive millions from oil barons trying to protect their own financial interests.

  13. Proud to live in Georgia, home of the first new domestic nuclear project since the 3-mile island incident in 1979, coming online next year. The future is carbon free but it doesn't have to consist of vast swathes of countryside littered by windmills and solar panels and the lack of reliability and scalability that come with them.

  14. Doesn't CA have a for-profit private energy grid? I know some of their generation is public owned, but I'm pretty sure this kind of thing happens to a lot of private companies, too.

  15. I live on the east coast. Californians are truly babies about weather. Saagars whole point is missed by the fact that he wants an excessive right to comfort consumption (cars, turning your AC down as low as you want).
    Ist 82 in my city today, low humidity. I have no AC on, windows open. It’s beautiful.

    When it was 95 and humid I had my AC on at 77. When it was 88 and slightly humid I had it at 79 before shutting it off for the night once the temp outside was a few degrees below internal temp.

    Never once was this uncomfortable. Because CA is a semi arid climate, I just don’t see how AC unless maybe over 90 is necessary to be run below 78.

  16. I have lived in California my entire life. The environmentalist , and progressives have done a lot of harm with their policies. My wife and I are considering leaving this state. Many of my friends who are also upper middle class have either left the State or in the process of moving.

  17. 🤣 I called out the EV problem two years ago when I hooked up my first charging system, After seeing how much amps they pulled🤔 it's hysterical they thought this was even fractionally tangible in the transportation Spectrum of the civilian Market💯🤡 it sucks that this video has only received 8,000 views when the video on Trump and Mary Lago has received tripled 😪

  18. Well it seems the state now realizes it would be screwed without the plant and are looking to extend it another 5 years! This heat wave may just saved our last nuclear plant, at least for a moment.

  19. So what's wrong with 78 degrees ? I know it will melt snowflakes, but otherwise a cosy temperature.
    And why would you need massive cooling capacity at night ? A non-issue for an intelligent species.
    Oh wait….

  20. I live in California. We weren't affected by the heat wave that much. Sure that solar can't solve ALL the problems. But it REDUCES the need for oil. Last time I check again, Texas had power outages.

  21. CA turns on natural gas (NG) peaker plants to meet electric demand

    ** We're Idiots here in CA and we deserve what we get*

    While CA citizens and municipal government demonize NG

    You should listen to these people….you would think NG is the devil incarnate

    But it is all about Virtue Signaling

    So people can feel good about themselves when they say ban all future natural residential and commercial use

    But they don't realize that NG is used for a lot of things

    And if you make it disappear, your quality of life declines

    OR people die from the cold and heat without energy

    Ask the people in Germany and UK what they are going through

    (While the fire up their coal plants for lack of NG)

    They think wind and solar is magic

    But you can get only so much energy out of it

    Battery technology is too immature to store a lot of power cheaply

    Neither can it provide baseload

    We in CA are idiots

    We can't do basic math to quantify supply and demand so they can be balanced.

    Newsom is just an expert politician who knows how to get the support of the brain dead activists so he can get re-elected.

  22. A lot of your power lines have been abandoned or burned down due to shitty Forest Management in California, also. By-the-way, Californian "Supreme" Court jurisprudence notwithstanding, that State still owes BC Province in Canada for Hydro Power in excess of $6 Billion for services rendered. Pay up or shut up. It would be nice to not have to send our volunteer and professional Firefighters down there for YOUR ass-hattery.

  23. I blame PG&E, which gave out bonuses using the money they were supposed to to upgrade the grid to pay bonuses. I also notice that no one told the big users, like businesses, to turn off signs or cut the number of lights they use.

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