Greenpeace’s Ex-President – Is Climate Change Fake? – Patrick Moore | Modern Wisdom Podcast 373

Patrick Moore is the Co-Founder & Ex-President of Greenpeace and an author.

Climate change has been at the forefront of political, cultural and social battles for the last 40 years. Patrick had a front-row seat as he organised the environmental movement’s first ever major demonstration, but now he has some real problems with the direction it’s heading in.

Expect to learn Patrick’s thoughts on humanity’s impact on global warming temperatures, his opinion on Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg, what people mean when they say we’ve only got 50 harvests left, whether we should be worried about rising sea levels and much more…

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Founding Greenpeace
07:34 Why Patrick Quit Greenpeace
15:41 Environmental Fear & Guilt
23:52 Extinction Rebellion
29:39 Are We In a Climate Emergency?
39:46 Rising Sea Levels
48:36 Only 50 Harvests Left?
1:01:50 Using Nuclear Energy
1:07:58 Earth’s Next Big Extinction Event
1:18:54 Lies from Climate Activists
1:30:56 Where to Find Patrick

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Written by Chris Williamson


  1. What amazes me when I hear idiots like Mr. Moore spouting their mouths is follow the money. Who Sir is paying you to talk such unadulterated BS? Way before trees sprouted it was the bacteria in the oceans that produced Oxygen. Most species other than plant life relied on O2 for their existence. But as O2 accumulated in the waters of the primitive oceans it reacted with lime & carbon to produce Carbonic acid which acidified the oceans & broke down to CO2 as the cause of a mass extinction of 99.9% of species during that time It took over a billion years for the earth 🌏 to recover. The extinction of Dinosaurs 65 million yrs ago was not due to disease but climate change the herbivores died as plant life was destroyed following the cataclysm, followed by the death of carnivores from lack of prey to sustain them. This was followed by an ice age due to lack of Sun ☀️ light. When Apollo 13 had systems failure it wasn't O2 they were worried about, it was the accumulation of CO2 which would cause CO2 narcosis killing the astronauts. Once again Mr Moore (you Rt winger) please reveal which fossil fuel ⛽️ industry is paying you. I bet you, paid enough, would have been right up there as a denier of Tobacco being the significant cause of lung cancer or certain pesticides being the cause of the extermination of the bee population. Your claim that since the beginning of time there have been religious (not Leftist as you keep referring to, even naming AOC & Greta Thunberg) entities professing "End of Days". Well us humans have been around a 1/4 million yrs prior to which we have had 5 mass extinctions, all of which could be traced back to extreme climate change. Tell it to the Venusians that CO2 was not the cause of the destruction of that planet. Which community college did you go to after your 8th grade education in that one room school in Vancouver? Your rather idiotic retort of looking outside & seeing the beautiful mountains as an apocryphal argument against Climate change is from someone who has only a few functions neurons in that balding head. I bet the Dinosaurs looked out and saw beautiful mountains before they were wiped out.

  2. The Deep State is responsible for any of The People hating our great country and the Deep State is running our country right now and they are an evil that must be driven out of our nation!

  3. Moore seems to be going in a logical direction in his long spiels, but then goes off on a crazy tangent. (He contends only .3 percent of climate scientists think humans are having a significant impact on global warming.) While I admire his youthful adventures standing up to the world’s bullies, this is one of the few times I have heard him speak at length. To me his manner is consistent with many elderly intellectuals: He has morphed into being a contrarian. And people who profess to disbelieve what others believe BECAUSE they believe something lose my interest very rapidly. One more thing: Let’s hope he is right that climate change is a hoax, because there is no way Americans are giving up their air conditioning and SUVs. Period! So whatever’s gonna happen will happen.

  4. Somebody knows and shares the truth (real knowledge), how wonderful. I had a greenhouse and used co2 emmitting heating systems to keep it warm in the winter. Inside plants grew like magic. It was crazily unbelieably healthy. Greenhouse gases are extremely good for plants. We need a lot more for the earth.

  5. So, Patrick Moore agrees that the polar bears only survived because polar countries united in protecting them . Rather shoots himself in the foot. The environment needs stewarding. There is a general agreement to get rid of CFC s to prevent the ozone hole getting bigger.

  6. I tried to lure Captain Watson from narcism fame, into a debate with Patrick. He didn't have he guts to say no, he just banned me. "Woke" is creating a crisis to experiment on US. BTW, Britain has already banned free speech. Face book too. They call all contrary speech, "hate speech w/ no crime" but it bans you from working with no redress for life.

  7. Historically, the Left was associated with Reason as the main factor for decision-making, while the Right has always been associated with Religion as the main criteria for decision-making. Although Right-Wings don’t admit it, it has always been like that.
    Now, part of the Left also decides based on Religion-like credus. Some of them follow the Woke Church, some the Catastrophistic Church, or a mix of both. Any sort of metaphysics not factual or science based.
    Both Right and Left base their discourse not on Reality but on Ideology. We need to be aware of that and above of it. If we don’t fall into the divise trap, we are going to find common grounds with guys the media like to paint as our enemies.

  8. Climate change is obviously caused by humans. Al Gore told me, and politicians are very honest people. LOL, as soon as he released that documentary I was like, "Oh, this must be complete BS"

  9. I've worked with Amazon conservation for 20 years. Mr. Moore is embarresingly wrong about every single point he tried to make about the Amazon rainforest. He is also completely wrong about extinction. If he is equally wrong about the ohter issues he raised, nobody should listen to this man. Talk about fake news…

  10. The disaster is not to the earth but to Humans themselves. The nano particles emitted by ICE vehicles does penetrate human embryos and does produce catastrophic change which is Autism. Autism has increased by tenfold every generation. look it up

  11. Sir you are my hero, I am just a stupid regaler person ,but all you said I thought it must be as you said, I don’t know why but somebody put that in my way of thought from I was still a young person after I have read a lot to understand myself and world, what we suffer from is greed from the rich and evil.

  12. "The sky is falling… The sky is falling…" Chicken little😂
    "I yelled 'FIRE' when I fell into the chocolate…"
    "Anthropocentricity" is beginning to be uncovered, developed and defined….
    Bezos flying into space on his own ship shows us that "progress" of humankind can be limitless😇

  13. Boris is married to Carrie who
    Carrie Johnson……
    CaJo is the illegitmate great granddaughter of Herbert H. Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford, co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society, British prime minister (1908-16) and founder of modern British intelligence (MI6, MI5, GCHQ), state-run propaganda (BBC, Empire Press Union, Reuters, Associated Press, Marconi Wireless) and biochemical warfare (Wellcome Trust, now GlaxoSmithKline and Astrazeneca) (1909). Asquith orchestrated the false flags with Winston Churchill and others that triggered WWI….

  14. What a wonderful knowledgeable human. There are a few things I'd disagree with but most things I agree and he also has enlighten me. I hope to hear more from this beautiful person.

  15. I'm sorry, bitter old man, I don't buy your shtick. Where does all the plastic go? Where did all the detritus from the Japanese tsunami go? I'm watching the mass extinction with my own eyes and the wildfires and dying reefs. I'll take the consensus of the overwhelming majority of scientists, thanks. You haven't explained why the whole world has engaged in this conspiracy against you

  16. It isn't just fear of death, which may be a factor. It is a mixture of factors like self-aggrandizement, ingratiating ones self-importance, virtue signaling and group acceptance, loathing of self or other people projected or displaced to a 'legitimate' admonishment of others.

  17. Follow the money. Those invested in renewables are the ones pushing the extermination of gas and oil (us). We are carbon elements. The poor must pay the renewable investors.

  18. when you see a graph with a super high peak that is out of line with all the other peaks on the graph what is the safest assumptions to make? 1. that the trend will continue unchanged in to eternity OR 2. that a crash is coming and it will likely lead to a trough that is at least as deep as the peak is tall? you want to know why no one buys in to globull warming? maybe because the "proof" they offer looks like the promotional material for an investment scam.